Nylon Vs. Leather Dog Collars

Two dogs jumping off a deck into a lake.

Does your dog need a collar? Yes. Does your dog’s collar need ID tags? Absolutely. Is a proper fit important? 100%. Does it need to be made of nylon or leather? It depends. When it comes to collar material, the choice is personal. Consider your dog’s lifestyle and environment and choose the best collar for your pup.

Two dogs with personalized collars sitting pretty in a field of grass

Nylon Collars

Benefits of Nylon Collars

Stands Up to Chewing Puppies

Lightweight & durable nylon is the only match for a dog that chews

Ready for the Water

Nylon tolerates moisture well, a must for dogs who swim.

Color & Pop!

Available in a wide range of non-fading colors and patterns

Permanent Personalization

Your phone number embroidered on the nylon ensures safety and peace of mind

Fits Flat & Fastens Fast

Fastens with an easy-to-release metal buckle or plastic clasp

Affordable & Washable

Affordable nylon is easy to clean in your home washing machine


Two dogs with bright personalized collars sitting on a boat in the water
Dachshund standing in a field wearing an orange nylon collar
A puppy sleeps on a gray plush bone while wearing a red collar
“WORK HORSE . . . I've had many of these for various dogs over the years. Not as flashy as a leather collar, but holds up to water and the outdoor elements better and is washable.”
“These collars are very well made with sturdy webbing, solid stitching, and heavy-duty buckles that click securely closed and work only the ‘right’ way so you can be sure the collar isn’t twisted. I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase.”
A German Shot-Haired Pointer in a leather collar with brass hardware sitting on a dirt road

Leather Collars

Benefits of Leather Collars

The Most Long-Lasting Material

Naturally durable leather will outlast any collar on the market

Gets Better with Age

The oil from your dog’s coat softens and improves the leather

Personalize for Safety

Leather can be personalized with embossing or engraving

Natural, Organic & Breathable

Great alternative for dogs allergic to nylon

Handsome Hardware

Flat or rolled, and fastens with attractive metal or brass buckle closure

A black Labrador Retriever wearing a flat leather collar sticks her tongue out in excitement
A liver-and-white bird dog lays on its bed looking over its shoulder
Two Labrador Retrievers with leather collars waiting to get out of a car
“DURABLE AND ATTRACTIVE. This is the fourth Shotshell Collar we have purchased from Orvis in the last 27 years. We have had four dogs in that time and we get them each a collar when they turn one year old. There are few things in this life that work as well as they are advertised to. This collar works better.”
“EXCELLENT AND STRONG LEATHER. I have had these leads for all my dogs.”

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