The Benefits of Using a Dog Harness

Two dogs wearing Tough Trail dog harnesses with their person in the woods

A must-have for dog owners, collars serve lots of purposes—a handy point of attachment for a leash, an easy spot to add identification and to hang vaccination tags and licenses. It’s no secret, we’re big fans of the classic collar. But, for some pups, adding a harness into their walking routine can make life easier for dogs and their people. 

Two women and their dogs walking in the woods next to a lake

For the Active Pup and Their Person

Harnesses give you more control with less effort when walking your dog and can be especially handy when hiking or running with them, especially in more populated areas.

A woman and her dog sitting in the back of a car

For the Traveler

The safest way to travel with your dog in the car is to restrain them. We love to use a harness that’s compatible with a vehicle restraint system for a two-in-one solution for travel and walks.

A woman walking her dog on a leash in the woods

For Leash Training

Front-facing or front-clip harnesses, on which the leash attaches to a hook on the chest, are ideal training tools to redirect your dog from pulling or jumping. A gentle tug refocuses your pup’s attention back to you and away from that approaching stranger or scurrying squirrel ahead. A favorite for reinforcing good leash manners.

A woman and her dog sitting on river rocks in the mountains

For the Escape Artist

For dogs that just seem to slip out of their collars even when optimally adjusted, the harness adds an extra layer of security they won’t wiggle out of.

A woman walking her golden retriever on a leash in the woods

For Dogs with Health Issues

From tracheal collapse to brachycephalic breeds like pugs and bulldogs to mobility issues or glaucoma, using a harness instead of a tightened collar can be a gentler solution that avoids strain on airways and eyes and can help you support an arthritic dog.

A woman and her two dogs hike over a wooden path

Walk On

From training support to health aid to time-saving tool, a harness can be a helpful accessory to keep your dog safe and comfortable wherever your adventures together lead.

A brown and white dog getting measured with a pink tape measure

How to Fit and Measure a Harness

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