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Pro Program Tools & Resources

What Defines a Professional Guide

A Professional Guide is a professional at all times; they are mentally alert and physically prepared for a strenuous day of guiding. Their self-confidence can be observed but not heard; they are totally prepared for the day and ready to accept its challenges—good or bad. Their appearance and dress show pride in themselves and the operation they represent. They immediately become a teacher to their clients and the client readily accepts their leadership.

Program Guidelines

Because our Pro Program is the most comprehensive program with the deepest discount for guides and industry professionals, there are a few program guidelines to keep in mind.

Your discount with the Orvis Pro Program is intended for your personal and professional use only. Any purchases outside of this will be deemed a violation, and you will be removed from the program.

The following actions are considered violations and will result in removal from the program:

  • Buying products for other individuals and accepting payment for them
  • Immediately reselling products that you purchased using the Orvis Pro Program discount
  • Suspicious/fraudulent activity of any kind

Orvis Pro Program members are not authorized to use the Orvis name in any marketing materials. You may not advertise yourself as an “Orvis Pro” on your website, in your business literature or in any other marketing materials. Doing this will result in removal from the Pro Program. 

All orders must be placed online through your account or through the Orvis Outfitter Team at 800-548-9548. Pro Program members may not order online and pick up in store. All orders must be fulfilled through our warehouse and not at our retail locations. 

You should be able to see all discounted prices online. If you have any issues seeing correct pricing, please contact us at

When placing orders by phone, it is important to tell the operator that you are a member of the Pro Program and provide them with your Pro number. This process saves time and helps to guarantee that your discount is properly applied to your order. It is also helpful to have all item numbers for the products you wish to order. This will help us to meet your expectations and guarantee a pleasant ordering process.

Please keep us updated regarding any changes in your address, phone numbers, or emails.

All repairs must be handled through our online repair process or through our Outfitter Team at 800-548-9548. If a repair is process through our online system, your discount will be applied automatically. Pro Program members receive a 50% discount on all rod repairs. There is no discount for Friends in the Field members. Please note: repairs cannot be processed through our retail store locations. 

All returns and exchanges must be handled through our online returns process or through our Outfitter Team at 800-548-9548. Returns and exchanges cannot be done in our retail store locations. 

An annual purchase must be made for your account to stay active.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any updates to your account or questions regarding your account.

Rod Repairs

Resources for Pro Program Members

Rods at the Rod Repair Shop

Discounted Rod Repairs

All ELOG members, Pro Program members, and Friends in the Field members are eligible for discounted rod repair prices.

While there is no rod repair charge for ELOG members, the prices for Pro Program members and Friends in the Field members are as follows:

  • Orvis Pro Program: $30
  • Orvis Friends in the Field: $60 (Retail Price – No discount for Friends in the Field)

Please note: There is a $125 replacement fee for all one-piece Helios™ 2 rods.

Make sure to have your Pro Program number prior to calling.

Set up a repair prior to sending it in to the shop by calling 1-800-548-9548, filling out our online form, or by visiting an Orvis store or Dealer.

  • To receive discounted pricing, please include which program you are part of (ELOG, Pro Program, or Friends in the Field) and provide your Pro #.
  • Send the rod to be repaired in a case or sack, packaged in a sturdy packing container.
  • Securely attach a slip of paper to the case or around the grip section that includes your repair number, name, address, phone number, and email address.
Start a Rod Repair
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Orvis Guide Embroidery Program for Hats

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Careers at Orvis

If you enjoy the sporting lifestyle and would be interested in a career with Orvis, please visit our website at to learn more about Retail Fishing Manager openings at our various locations.