The Classic Beaufort, Classic Bedale, And Classic Beadnell: Distinguishing Three Favorite Barbour Jackets

The Barbour waxed cotton jacket has a history, born of necessity for hardworking farmers and seamen on England’s northeast coast. These days it’s as likely to be spotted hustling across the campus green, betraying a hint of collegiate couture underneath—or worn over a neat suit and tie, or even on the backs of royalty—as it is on the farm or in the field. And for good reason: it is a likable jacket, made to rigorous standards, time-tested, a true classic. Every detail has a clarity of purpose, a thoughtful intention.

And it is made to last. And last, and last, even beyond the life of its wearer. It is how things should be, we think.

A Trio Of Classics

A thing that is classic possesses a timeless quality, or has enduring appeal; it is an exemplar among others of its kind. By those standards, each of these three jackets is classic to the core. The Classic Beaufort, Bedale, and Beadnell jackets are proven favorites. And while each is distinct from the other, these three handsome jackets have much in common:

  1. Fabric and Finish - For starters, they’re each sewn of 100% 6-oz. waxed cotton in Barbour’s Sylkoil finish—it’s a brushed wax outer, the oldest and most traditional treatment among others Barbour uses on its fine outerwear. The Sylkoil treatment distinguishes each of these three jackets from its “standard” iteration.
  2. Raglan Sleeves - Stylish to be sure, but they also allow freedom of movement.
  3. Double-Rolled Seams - The folks at Barbour will tell you it is no small task to sew seams this way. They do it to make their waxed cotton jackets fully waterproof, plain and simple (or not). It’s another benchmark of the excellence we find so appealing about Barbour.
  4. Handwarmer Pockets - To the casual observer, they’re neat vertical lines on the front of the jacket. But for the wearer they are indulgent warmth for the hands, just-right pockets lined with soft moleskin, a cotton cloth sheared on one side to create a pile “soft as the skin of a mole.”
  5. Lining - From stem to stern, as it were, you’ll find the Barbour Classic plaid tartan lining in all cotton, wide swaths of olive and navy overlain by a grid of red, yellow, and white. It is familiar and reassuring, to say nothing of warming.
  6. Storm-Fly Closure - Into every life a little rain must fall, as goes the saying. Sometimes it’s a gully washer. Or a squall. The Beaufort, the Bedale, and the Beadnell will hold you in good stead with a zippered and snapped “Storm-fly” closure to keep out the worst elements. And bring out the big guns when you must: the concealed chin-snap guard allows you to fasten the jacket right up to the jowl. It’s at the ready when you need it and retreats obediently with the storm.
  7. Corduroy Collar - Seems a handsome bit of trim on the face of it. But like every other detail on a Barbour jacket, there is functionality in this feature: the channels in the cord wick water away from the face. (And it’s soft and warm.) You’ll also find clever collar snaps on all three jackets, to take an optional hood should you need it.
  8. Zip-In Liners - Depending on the season, you may neither want nor need one. But these jackets each come equipped with a smart interior zipper to allow you to enjoy the additional warmth and protection of a liner when conditions demand it. It’s intelligent design that makes a Barbour waxed cotton jacket wearable all year long.

Distinguishing Marks

But were they precisely the same, this trinity of waxed cotton jackets would bear the same name. A few key features separate them enough to make each worthy of its own moniker, with a bit of overlap here and there for good measure:

The Classic Beaufort : A Handsome Jacket With An Upland Past

  1. Rear Game & Cartridge Pocket - It is imperative in the field, to be sure, and follows from the Beaufort’s genesis as an upland shooting jacket. But you never know when you’ll need it, after all. It’s full-width, with side zips.
  2. Bellows Pockets - Rounded corners resist wear and tear. And each generous, expandable pocket is sewn of four pieces of fabric—there’s no cutting corners, as it were. There’s still more: thoughtful drainage eyelets in the bottom of each pocket keep them dry on the inside even when it’s anything but dry on the outside.
  3. 2-Way Zipper - Big teeth can be a thing of beauty. Made from corrosion-proof metal, this zipper opens from the bottom and the top for comfort and convenience; you’ll find it on the Bedale, too. And we’ve even heard the signature circular zipper pull doubles as a handy bottle opener.

The Classic Bedale : A Jacket For The Paddock And Beyond

  1. Shorter Length - Dame Margaret Barbour designed the Bedale as a riding jacket in 1980. Whether you’ll wear it in the paddock is up to you, but it still possesses its equestrian chops, measuring 30” to 32” in the back as compared with the Beaufort’s 33” to 34”.
  2. Gender Neutral - So many of Barbour’s handsome jackets appeal to men and women alike; the Bedale is one of them. Its square cut looks great on a man’s build, but some women find its shorter length perfect.
  3. Wrist-Hugging Storm Cuffs - The Bedale’s cousin Beaufort has Velcro closures at the wrists designed to pop open at a moment’s notice to take aim when the opportunity presents. But the Bedale’s elastic cuffs were made to keep the wet out, because nobody enjoys the sensation of rain running down the sleeves while taking up the reins.

The Classic Beadnell : The Bedale Takes A Feminine Form

  1. Flattering Silhouette - Initially designed as a slimmed down version of the Bedale for women, the Beadnell skirts the issue with flattering front and back panels. The result is a thoroughly practical and classic piece of outerwear with a relaxed, feminine fit, made for her figure. But this jacket does not sacrifice function for its feminine form: our customers tell us it is still plenty roomy for layers.
  2. Patch Pockets - Some days you’d rather not rifle through a handbag. For those Barbour rewards you with pockets, generously sized but not too bulky: they’ll hold a wallet and keys, a shopping list or class schedule, a passport or cell phone. Smartly styled with snap closures, perfect to see you through a busy day’s business.
  3. Snapping Rear Vents - It is a trait shared by the Bedale, to be sure. Your clothing should never wear you, whether you’re posting a trot astride your Dapple Grey or sitting in the stands. Unfasten your jacket’s vents and have a seat—it’s a snap.

The Classic Beaufort, Bedale, And Beadnell: Barbour Jackets For Life

With its enduring style and exceptional workmanship, a Barbour Classic waxed cotton jacket will last a lifetime and beyond. It’s a piece you might one day hand down to a son or daughter, or maybe a grandchild. You’ll come to enjoy the patina your jacket develops with wear, a story behind its every mark. Re-waxing (or “re-proofing”) your waxed jacket will restore it to a like-new condition so it will continue to serve you for years to come.

An exquisite waxed cotton jacket made by our friends at Barbour of England possesses just about everything one could ask of a fine piece of outerwear: superior craftsmanship, timeless appeal, functionality, to say nothing of longevity.

The only question is, which classic Barbour jacket belongs in your wardrobe?

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