A detail shot of a worn Barbour jacket.

Barbour Repair & Reproofing


We highly recommend you have your jacket re-waxed once a year by Barbour. Much like having a fine suit dry cleaned, you'll have it done professionally at a modest cost. Simply bring your Barbour jacket in to your local Orvis Retail Store when it needs repair or treatment. Our retail associates will be happy to help you with the details and promptly get your jacket to Barbour.

If you don't have an Orvis store near you, the Barbour website has a form for requesting repairs and reproofing, as well.

How to Re-Wax Your Jacket

The essential step-by-step guide from Barbour on how to re-wax your Barbour jacket at home.

Barbour® Wax Thornproof Dressing

Barbour® Thornproof Dressing

Keep your Barbour waxed gear waterproof and strong

Thornproof dressing is the exact formula used by Barbour to waterproof jackets in its factories. Easy to apply, simply use it on areas that are getting the most wear, or re-dress an entire jacket. Full details and instructions are printed on the can. One 200ml. tin is enough to completely treat one full-length coat or two jackets.

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A patch sewn onto a hole in a Barbour Jacket pocket.
A collar repair for a Barbour jacket.
A Barbour Bedale hem repair.


A little wear-and-tear is a badge of honor for many Barbour owners. But the time comes (usually after a decade or two of hard duty) when your jacket will need some TLC. When you and your jacket reach that point, Barbour is there for you with their expert repair and reproofing services.

  • Restore that inner beauty—Erase the trauma from yanking your jacket off the mudroom peg with a new tartan lining and hanger 
  • Feel the softness, again—Replace that worn-out corduroy collar that’s been turned up countless times as a hedge against the elements
  • Add some zip—A new brass zipper lets you once again enjoy complete protection
  • Frayed & frazzled no more—Fix those cuffs worn from too many trips to the woodpile without a log carrier
  • Carry with confidence—Patch that hole in the pocket, and resume stuffing it full in lieu of a carry-on