Angler’s Guide To Fly Fishing In Florida

Giant tarpon, snook lurking in mangroves, freshwater springs, and expansive wetlands. The possibilities are endless for fly anglers who appreciate diversity and opportunity.

A man wearing a blue checked shirt standing in the water holding a fishing rod and fish.

The Sunshine State is home to diverse ecosystems, exceptional fisheries & world-class dive bars.

From backwoods bass ponds to explosive tarpon leaping and crashing on the flats, anglers will never find themselves lacking in opportunity here. The northern panhandle has record-book fish patrolling tinted inshore waters and magical springs where schools of jack crevalle swarm amidst the manatees and monkey islands of places like Homosassa.


Head farther south to renowned flats systems for record-book-worthy bonefish, giant snook, and tarpon (of course) that ambush flies in visible and energy-filled eruptions, or the extensive mangrove-lined estuaries filled with a hodgepodge of exciting species. You can even chase down peacock bass in Miami canals between lunch and cocktail hour.


It’s a unique place, to say the least. Anglers come for the fish, but most come back for the culture. Key West dive bars, walking barefoot, roosters running rampant on roadways, and the sweat-inducing humidity that calls for cold beers and butter shrimp after long days poling, stalking, and stomping through wild waters. Welcome to fly fishing in Florida.

Pete Kutzer celebrating a win chest-deep in the ocean.

Orvis Saltwater Expert

Pete Kutzer

“From the shimmering flats to the winding rivers, every moment was an exhilarating dance between angler and fish. The thrill of hooking into a tarpon, the serenity of casting beneath a canopy of cypress trees—it’s an experience that etched itself into my soul. Florida’s waters are not just about the fish, they’re about the journey, the memories, and the magic that unfolds with each cast.”

The Great Awaits


The Everglades

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Tailor-Made Florida Adventures

Embark on your ultimate fly-fishing adventure in Florida with our expert guides and outfitters. Whether you’re chasing trophy tarpon in the Keys, stalking bonefish on the flats, or seeking the tranquility of freshwater springs, our experienced team will ensure an unforgettable experience. With personalized instruction, top-of-the-line equipment, and access to prime fishing opportunities, let us tailor your Florida fly-fishing excursion to exceed your wildest angling dreams. Book your trip today and discover why Florida is a paradise every angler needs to experience.

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Master your craft. We have a school for you.

Build a foundation of fundamentals or take your skills to the next level at one of our fly-fishing schools located in fishy locales across the country. Our one- or two-day schools are excellent skill builders, while the longer-length specialty courses are perfect for reaching new heights and bringing perfection to your passion.

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