Charley Perkins standing in a laundry room showing how to wash a dog bed

How to Wash Your Orvis Dog Bed

At Orvis, we understand that your best friend needs a clean, comfortable place to rest in between all your adventures. Orvis dog beds are made of tough, upholstery-grade fabrics that stand up to scratches, dirt, water, and all the brushing and vacuuming that might come with a mess. Eventually, these messes add up and you need a deeper clean. Luckily, Orvis’s collection is full of easy-to-clean dog beds! Follow along with the video or keep reading to learn how to wash an Orvis dog bed.

1. Remove the Bolster

By removing the bolster first, you’re making it easier to remove the base later and allowing yourself to spot clean the bolster as needed. All Orvis dog beds have large zippers and extended openings, so this step is hassle-free, even if you’re trying to figure out how to wash a large dog bed.

2. Remove the Base Insert

After the bolster is out, unzip the bottom and remove the base foam insert from the cover.

3. Clean Insert Cover

The best way to clean the waterproof insert cover is to wipe it down with a damp cloth.

4. Turn Cover Inside Out

Reversing the outside cover before you put it in the washer helps remove stains and dirt and helps the cover retain its shape, so your Orvis dog bed keeps its pristine look.

5. Wash on Cold, Dry on Low Heat

Orvis dog bed covers are machine washable for easy, hands-off cleaning—especially nice if you’re worried about how to wash a large dog bed! Simply select cold water for the wash cycle and tumble dry on low heat.

6. Re-Insert Base First, Then the Bolster

You’ll do this part backwards from how we started; the base goes in first, and then the bolster (if your dog bed has one).

These tips and steps for how to wash your Orvis dog bed will have you and your dog back to your adventures outside of the laundry room in no time! Orvis’s line of high-quality, durable, easy to clean dog beds ensure a happy dog and a clean and happy home!

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