Why Your Dog Needs a Bed

A brown dog laying down on a round memory foam dog bed

Every dog needs a den. More than just a comfortable place to sleep, your dog’s bed is a place of refuge, a place to recover after physical activity, and can even be a training tool. From cozy wraparound beds to couch beds they can sink into, this essential is the foundation of your dog’s best rest, helping support all your adventures together.

A brown and white dog resting on a patterned dog bed

A Space of Their Own

We expect dogs to adapt to our human-centered homes seamlessly, but in the wild, your dog’s ancestors would’ve had a den, a refuge from the outside world. Your dog’s bed in the home acts as that retreat from a busy household where they can decompress and helps them feel secure in new or scary situations.

Tip: When introducing your dog to their new bed, place their favorite toy or an old T-shirt of yours in the bed. The familiar scent will put them at ease and encourage them to use the bed.

A black dog resting on a dog bed in front of a large window

Play Hard, Rest Easy

Active dogs need a supportive bed to rest and recover from puppyhood to the golden years. Specific dog-bed fills like memory foam can ease active joints and muscles at every life stage, helping your dog rebound faster and replenish their energy for tomorrow’s adventures. Your dog sleeps up to 14 hours a day, the right bed will make every hour count, keeping them comfortable and preventing restlessness so they get high-quality rest.

Tip: The type of bed that’s best for your dog depends on a variety of factors like their activity level, sleep style, and size—visit the Orvis Dog Bed Selector to help narrow down the options.

A yellow dog resting in a living room on a checkered dog bed

A Dog-Friendly Home

The best way to keep your dog off your bed is to give them one of their own. Hard floors aren’t an inviting place to rest, with a bed of its own your dog will have their own comfortable spot to rest—and less incentive to jump up on the couch or your bed. Plus, dog beds help concentrate the fur and dander your dog naturally sheds in one spot for easier cleanup.

Tip: Look for dog beds with a removable, washable cover for easy care. 

Melinda Benbow teaching a dog to place on a platform

Training “Place”

Teaching your dog a “place” command to go to their bed has tons of benefits for dogs and their people. It’s a great way to keep them calm when new visitors come, prevent them from begging at the dinner table or to get them away from kitchen hazards while you’re cooking. 

Tip: Learn how to teach your dog “place” and more commands in our Dog Training 101 series with a certified professional dog trainer and owner/operator of Urban Uplander Pet Care Melinda Benbow.

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