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Leather & Suede Care

Cleaning and Repair

A well-maintained leather garment can be a joy for a lifetime. To help you get the most out of your leather or suede Orvis garment, we offer cleaning and care recommendations. We also have partnered with a quality repair service to help you in cases where alterations or repairs become necessary. 


As all leather pieces are uniquely made, each requires special cleaning solutions and processes depending on the garment construction, leather type, finish, and color. The process for leather and suede cleaning includes the removal of oil stains and residues and the replacement of natural oils, which help maintain the luxurious look and feel of your garment. Our professional leather and suede cleaning service also includes the careful restoration of color and texture, which can be lost through wear, and as a natural consequence of the cleaning process.


There are a variety of repair options available for your leather or suede garments, including: shortening the sleeves or body, replacing zippers, buttons, and fasteners, relining, repairing seams, tears, and holes, and replacing entire panels.


Please consult the Leather Care section of arrowcare.com to estimate the cost of cleaning or repairing your garment. Arrow cannot provide exact prices in advance due to the fact that your garment must be examined in order to provide a quote. Once a cleaning or repair estimate has been determined, Arrow will contact you. If you have any questions, please contact Arrow Leather Care Customer Service at 1-800-542-7769 or email at orvisleathercleaning@arrowleathercare.com before shipping your garment. Arrow will also provide instructions for shipping and rendering payment.


For more information, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-542-7769 or email at orvisleathercleaning@arrowleathercare.com

Please note: When no garment value is listed, we will assume that the value of your garment is less than $500. General turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, not including shipping time. If requesting an estimate, it will include the approximate turnaround time and the cost.