Thermicator II

This digital food thermometer measures meat temperature with reliable precision.


Never again guess at the temperature of your game meats. The hand-held, battery-operated Thermicator offers precise, accurate, and instantaneous temperature measurements through the integration of state-of-the-art liquid crystal display (LCD), electronic, and thermocouple technologies. A full range of digital readings, teamed with the simplicity of analog targets, are easy to read in the large LCD display. The digital electronic circuits that energize Thermicator are engineered for optimum range, accuracy, precision, battery life and reliability. Temperature is sensed only at the extreme tip of the needle probe, giving the true internal food temperature at your desired immersion point. The adjustable needle probe, which can be extended to 3.5", penetrates foods with no unsightly markings. Its ability to check temperatures of "doneness" and critical temperatures in bacteria-control areas, such as bone joints, helps insure proper food preparation. Molded, reinforced, impact-resistant plastic housing. Leigh H. Perkins's "Game Cookery Based on Internal Temperature" included. Spot clean. Made in USA.


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