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Products for Dogs on the Go

Explore our Products for Active Dogs collection and find personalizable collars, leashes, and harnesses as well as travel essentials. We take our dogs everywhere with us, so we want to be safe on the road, the trail, or anywhere we might be adventuring. We want you and your four-legged friends to be safe, too. This collection includes essential products for safe outdoor excursions with your canine pal as well as our line of car seat protectors to keep dirt and hair out of your upholstery. Explore our durable dog collars, available in conventional, no-stink, and reflective options, and let us personalize her collar with a name and number, the quickest way to a happy reunion if the two of you become separated. Our rechargeable LED collars slip easily overhead so she’s visible in low light conditions during an early-morning run or an after-dinner walk. We include rugged leashes to match your active lifestyle and hers, as well as reflective, personalizable harnesses to safely identify your best friend. A trail-ready first aid kit for dogs fits in the glove box or inside her trail saddlebag so you can immediately treat an injury while you’re out hiking with her, or buy her some precious time until you can get to a vet. We offer wholesome training treats with your dog’s overall health in mind. Our rugged, easy on-and-off dog jackets keep your pup warm and dry on adventures, and our innovative portable bowls offer a smart solution for making sure she stays hydrated on every outing. For your hardworking gun dog, we offer a briar-resistant adjustable hunting vest, GPS training tools, and treats to reward her for a job well done.

Our dogs go by a lot of names—running mate, trekking partner, hunting companion, co-pilot; no matter what our activity, she’s by our side. Discover the accessories worthy of Orvis standards in this activity collection designed by people who understand life is best with a dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of collar or harness is best for active dogs?

A harness is best for an active dog; we suggest our Tough Trail Dog Harness. And a side-release buckle collar is best for an active dog since it’s easier to pop off in case your pup’s activities get her tangled up in a fence, the furniture, brambles, or with another dog. Remember that even if your dog wears a harness, she’ll still need to wear her collar for I.D. tags.

Are there specific dog toys designed for active dogs?

Active dogs do well with fetch toys designed for high-energy play. The Orvis bumper stands up to hours upon hours of rigorous sessions. Our duck dummy has been used for generations to train duck dogs, but it’s a fantastic choice for anyone whose active dog needs a durable floating toy for play.

What kind of dog bed is best for an active dog?

Choose any of our premium memory foam dog beds for your active dog. These conform to her weight and shape to give her even support for tired joints and muscles.

What kind of safety gear should I consider for activities like hiking, swimming, or biking with my active dog?

Carry a travel-sized first aid kit with you as part of your safety gear when you’re hiking, swimming, or biking with your dog. We suggest keeping a full dog first aid kit in your vehicle as well. A reflective or LED collar is essential safety gear when you and your dog are engaged in activities in low light or in the darkness.

What Can I Do if My Dog Is Bored?

Engage your dog in activities and games or with stimulating toys if she exhibits the tell-tale signs of boredom: chewing, destructive behavior, digging, running away, licking or scratching, and over-excitement or jumping—all of these behaviors usually mean your dog needs something to do. Discover games you can play with your dog or find a new toy that might pique her interests. Dogs, especially puppies and younger adult dogs, need ample physical and mental stimulation. Time walking, running, hiking, playing fetch, and romping at the dog park with you will be their favorite ways to stay active and happy.