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Explore all Orvis Schools to find the fly-fishing or wingshooting instruction you need to improve your skills and techniques. We’ve built a series of day-long or multi-day workshops to provide beginners essential skills to hit the field or stream. Our curricula include opportunities for intermediate and advanced enthusiasts to explore the nuances of casting, fly tying, reading environments, and tracking specific bird species. Enjoy breathtaking vistas while you get a game-changing education at our flagship fly-fishing school in Manchester, Vermont, or head to America’s heartland to attend wingshooting schools dedicated to upland hunting for pheasant, grouse, and chukar partridge. Our clays courses along the East Coast offer the opportunity for exceptional hands-on training in pristine wildernesses. For anglers seeking specific techniques to net prized targets, browse our fishing schools for salmon, trout, blue fish, tarpon, and snook. We understand these sports are lifelong pursuits, and even the most experienced anglers and hunters strive to increase their knowledge. With schools from the Everglades to Alaska and Quebec, Orvis champions easy access to lifelong outdoor learning for all ages and skill levels.