What Do I Need To Travel To The Bahamas?

Getting to any international travel destination demands advanced preparation, but the requirements for the Bahamas are fairly minimal. Get started early, and practice the laid-back spirit of the islands before your journey to this beautiful archipelago even begins. 

Entry Requirements:

Do I need a passport? Yes, you must hold a valid passport to travel to the Bahamas.

Return Ticket: You must present proof of anticipated departure from the Bahamas.

Tourist Visa: US citizens traveling to the Bahamas from the US for up to 90 days do not require a tourist visa. Travelers staying for longer than 90 days require a visa and/or work permit. British nationals traveling to the Bahamas through the US may require an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security).

Are Vaccines Required? No vaccines or vaccination certificates are required for entry to the Bahamas, unless you are traveling from or through any of the ten South American countries that have a risk of yellow fever transmission.

Currency: The US dollar has a 1:1 exchange rate with the Bahamian dollar and is accepted everywhere. Credit cards are accepted throughout the islands, particularly in tourist locales. Travelers from Britain will need to exchange their pounds for Bahamian dollars and use credit cards.

Fly-Fishing License: As of January 2017, a fishing license is required of all anglers fishing the waters of the Bahamas. The modest license costs vary depending upon how many days you plan to fish ($15 – 1 day / $20 – 1 week / $30 – 1 month / $60 – 1 year), and the fees are put towards conservation. A planned online application system is not yet available, but most lodges and hotels will obtain them for you to fill out in advance or upon arrival.

Zika Virus Travel Alert: The Zika Virus is present in the Bahamas. Travelers should take precautions against mosquito bites. For additional information, please refer to the CDC Guidelines.

Once you have the necessary documents and essential planning in order you’ve got the tedious part of travel planning behind you and can shift your focus to anticipating the adventure ahead. What books will you bring to read on white sand beaches? Which fly- fishing rod is best for catching bonefish? And which of the seemingly endless reefs will you explore?

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