What’s Next Is Nearly Here

Spend seasons in boats and on the banks with storied guides and the planet’s fishiest DIY anglers and you’ll learn that the fishing quickly takes a backseat to deep conversations. That’s when our rod design team listens the hardest. We catalog input, cherry-pick consistent themes, and obsess over our anglers’ needs, wants, and challenges to design technique-driven tapers that answer the constantly evolving question of “What if?” with “Here's what.”

New for summer 2021, we're bringing you a series of high-concept, highly-refined rods meant to excel in specific angling scenarios. Each new model provides accuracy with purpose — exactly what you’ve come to expect from the leading name in innovation because our process is really quite simple: Fish with the best anglers, listen instead of talking, take notes and you can’t help but return the favor with the best rods.

Available 07.28.2021