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Next-Level Quilted Comfort

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A close up image of 3D quilted fabric shows details such as pockets, stitching, and snaps

Inspired by our customer-favorite Quilted Sweatshirts, our no-stitch 3D quilting weaves thermal insulating yarns directly into the fabric for lots of warmth, no bulk, and made-to-move stretch comfort. Fiber-proof construction also sheds less microfibers into our waterways and land, while increasing durability, so it wears better today and for the long haul. PFC-free Durable Water-Repellent finish adds a touch of weather-resistance.

Graphic showing the 3D quilting as 2 layers of water-resistant fabric with insulating fibers sandwiched between

Eco-friendly, 3D stitch-free quilting

Our 3D stitch-free quilting weaves in thermal puffy fibers, creating insulating air pockets to trap body heat without adding bulk.

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