A closeup of a woman pouring food into a travel bowl from the camo chuckwagon.


Your dog needs more than food to ensure health and well-being. We’ll cover the basics from choosing dog food to understanding ingredients to explaining whether or not that bone your dog is chewing on is safe.

A woman feeding her black dog from a camo chuckwagon

Dog Nutrition

How to Find the Right Dog Food

Consult our dog food guidelines for an overview of which ingredients you should expect to find in high-quality dog food, and which dog food...
A large brown mastiff puppy running in the grass

Dog Nutrition

The Health Risks of Obesity in Dogs

Dogs suffer the same health consequences from obesity as people, including an increased risk of cancer, diabetes, liver disease, and other ailments...
A white dog and a brown dog eating out of metal food stands inside a house

Dog Nutrition

How to Properly Feed Your Dog

How do you properly feed a dog? We weigh in with expert advice on how much and how often to feed her, the wet vs. dry dog food debate, dog food...
Two dogs outside in the woods eating out of blue travel bowls

Dog Nutrition

Dog Food Ingredients Glossary

Our Dog Food Ingredients Glossary is a sampling of the ingredients that appear frequently in dog foods, and includes ingredients that sometimes cause...
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Dog Safety

Are Rawhide Chew Toys Safe for My Dog?

The answer is yes, and no. There are a number of things you should know about rawhide chew toys and treats so you can give your dog the pleasure of...
A golden retriever running through dry leaves on a road surrounded by colorful trees.

Dog Safety

How to Keep Your Dog Safe on Halloween

Understand how to keep your dog safe on Halloween with advice from the dog experts at Orvis. Learn answers to common questions about dogs and...
A yellow lab laying upside down with a bone in its mouth

Dog Nutrition

Are Real Bones Good For Dogs?

Some real bones do not make good treats for dogs and can be dangerous not only for dogs but also for the children and adults who live with them. Get...
A small gray and white terrier in very tall bright green grass

Older Dogs

Diet & Nutrition for Older Dogs

Improved veterinary care, better vaccines, and better nutrition are helping dogs live longer than they did only a few decades ago. That’s excellent...
A large black dog with a tennis ball in its mouth playing with a smaller black dog

Older Dogs

Dental Care for Older Dogs

Taking good care of your dog’s teeth is important from puppyhood through his golden years. As your dog ages, a regular dental routine keeps his teeth...
A metal stand holding two bowls, one with water, one with dry dog food

Dog Nutrition

Dry Dog Food Versus Canned Dog Food

Although dry and canned dog foods contain similar ingredients, the nutritional values of each are not the same. Learn more about how dry dog food is...
A chocolate lab puppy laying on the green grass

Dog Safety

Why Dogs Can’t Have Chocolate

Dogs and chocolate don’t mix. While many dog owners know to keep their chocolate stash out of paw’s reach, understanding why your dog can’t have...