A black Labrador Retriever and a brown-and-white bird dog sit in the back of a truck on a backseat protector.

Traveling with Dogs

While dogs make great travel partners, being prepared for whatever lies ahead makes for a smoother trip. Our experts cover the basics, so you can make sure you’re ready for your next adventure together.

Two dogs stick their heads out of the window of a car.

Traveling With Dogs

Know The Laws About Dog Road Safety

Knowing local dog car restraint laws just makes sense—it keeps us compliant and our dogs safe as our ‘copilots’ on every road trip to the trail or...
A spotted terrier peeks out the window of a car.

Traveling With Dogs

Tips For Car Travel With Dogs

At Orvis, we've done the research, we’ve logged the miles. The result? Our Top 10 tips for traveling with your dog.
A brown and white dog and a black dog in the backseat of a truck .

Traveling with Dogs

How to Treat Dog Travel Anxiety

Dog travel anxiety stems from different sources but is important for her to overcome, because car rides are sometimes necessary; learn how you can...
A dog sitting on a rock with a stunning backdrop of a lake and mountains.

Traveling with Dogs

The Most Dog-Friendly National Parks

While dogs are allowed in all US national parks to some degree, there are regulations on where and how you can bring your dog; we explore the best...
A person adjusts a dog pack on a black and white dog.

Hiking and Dogs

How to Hike Safely with Your Dog

Get prepared to hike safely with your dog by packing appropriate and necessary gear as well as knowing trail etiquette and basic dog first aid.
A dog wearing a pack on a hike with a woman on a mountainside.

Dog Training

How to Train Your Dog to Wear a Pack

Learn how to train your dog to wear a backpack by practicing these simple, consistent steps. We also offer safety tips and buying advice.
A brown dog standing at the top of a mountain.

Traveling with Dogs

Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Dogs

We’ve done the research, we’ve logged the miles. The result? Our Top 10 tips for traveling with your dog. Be sure to check it out...
A black dog wandering through the woods on its own.

Dog Safety

How to Find a Lost Dog

If you’re reading this because you’ve lost your dog, take a deep breath and try not to panic. We explain one step at a time what to do bring home...
A woman crouches in the green grass teaching her dog to come.

Dog Training 101 with Melinda Benbow

Teach Your Dog Recall

Watch professional dog trainer Melinda Benbow demonstrate how to teach your dog to come reliably when you call, avoiding potentially dangerous...
A smiling Melinda Benbow holding her white, black, and brown dog near her face.
Melinda Benbow
A family walks their dogs through the forest.

Dog Training

How to Socialize a Dog

Socializing a dog is crucial for his well-being and his family’s; patience and consistency are key, but the results are a confident and well-adjusted...

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