A woman throws a dog toy into a shallow river for her Labrador Retrievers to fetch.

Dog Safety

From playtime to walk time to leaving them home alone, ensuring your dog’s safety should always be top of mind. Our experts cover everything from general how-tos to specific circumstances, so you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way.

A person adjusts a dog pack on a black and white dog

Hiking and Dogs

How to Hike Safely with Your Dog

Any seasoned hiker who routinely hits the trail with a canine companion knows having their beloved dog along for the adventure elevates the...
A brown and white dog standing in the tall grass

Dog Safety

Tick Safety for Dogs

Tiny as they are, ticks can pose serious health risks to dogs. They’re known to carry at least ten different vector-borne diseases, often more than...
A brown spotted dog laying on its Orvis Dog Bed inside a home

Dog Safety

Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

We bring our dogs on adventures as often as we can, but we know not every outing is dog friendly. The idea of having to spend less time around our...
A black dog mid-leap from a boulder into a lake

Dog Training

10 Steps to Get Your Dog Swimming

Summertime is here! Warm weather means you’ll want to take extra consideration when including your dog in any outdoor activities. The good news is...
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A chocolate lab puppy laying on the green grass

Dog Safety

Why Dogs Can’t Have Chocolate

Dogs and chocolate don’t mix. While many dog owners know to keep their chocolate stash out of paw’s reach, understanding why your dog can’t have...
A black and white pic of a schnauzer looking out a window

Dog Safety

How Long Can You Leave a Dog Alone?

You can’t be with your best friend every second of every day, as much as he (and you) may want that. Unless your office welcomes dogs, you’ve got to...
A black dog inside a home surrounded by fluff

Dog Safety

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Naturally, a dog’s favorite spot is close by his human’s side. But most dogs are comfortable spending some time alone while their best friend works,...
A side view of a german shepherd with its tongue out

Dog Safety

Why Do Dogs Bite?

However hard it may be to imagine your sweet, snuggly best friend turning suddenly aggressive and biting you or someone else, the truth is all dogs...
A black dog wandering through the woods on its own

Dog Safety

How to Find a Lost Dog

If you are reading this article because you just lost your dog, take a deep breath and do your best to remain calm. The idea of your dog facing busy...
A small brown, white, and black dog with big ears looking up from the ground

Dog Safety

How to Clean a Dog’s Ears

No self-respecting dog wants his ears cleaned, but routinely cleaning your dog’s ears can help stop a potential infection in its tracks and prevent...
A brown-and-white dog running down a beach with a person

Dog Safety

Running with Your Dog: Tips for Success

When you exercise with a dog, the benefits are doubled—not only do you have a newfound motivation, but your dog gets to come along, too. But, before...
A shaggy gray dog lays on rocks in the woods

Dog Safety

Top 10 Tips To Avoid Heatstroke

Heat can affect dogs differently than humans. It’s important that you can tell when your pup is in danger. Dr. Madeline Fellin explains the signs of...
A brown and white dog jumping for a frisbee while outside

Dog Safety

How to Play Safely With Your Dog

Why do dogs play? For thousands of years dogs have used healthy, active play to explore their world and learn important socialization and...
A yellow lab and a small child snuggle on a couch

Dog Safety

Dog Safety Guidelines for Kids & Families

The bond between a kid and their dog is special and something to celebrate. Along with careful supervision, teaching kids the basics of dog behavior...
A multi-colored dog sleeping on the floor surrounded by toys

Gear & Product Care

How to Choose Safe Toys for Your Dog

For your dog, goofing off is serious business. Toys help stave off boredom, provide comfort, can be a tool for training, and help prevent problem...
A brown and white dog standing in the water with blue skies

Dog Safety

Are Rawhide Chew Toys Safe for My Dog?

The answer is yes, and no. There are a number of things you should know about rawhide chew toys and treats so you can give your dog the pleasure of...
A brown dog wearing a collar standing alone in the road during fall

Dog Safety

What to Do If You Find a Lost Dog

If you’ve encountered a lost dog in the past, you likely know the dogged efforts required to bring about a happy reunion with his family. But for...
A black and white dog resting on a gray dog bed

Dog Safety

Can Dogs Get Colds?

When you’ve caught a cold, it’s all too clear. Your runny nose, cough, sore throat, and overall weariness tell you it’s time to slow down, sip some...
A golden retriever drinks out of a silver bowl in the back of a car

Dog Safety

Running with Your Dog: Tips for Hydration

If you love running with your dog or are just starting out, keeping your dog hydrated along the way helps keep them safe and comfortable and supports...
A man wearing waders standing by the back of his truck with his black dog peeking out of a gray travel crate

Traveling with Dogs

How & Why to Restrain Your Dog in the Car

From summiting peaks to days on the water, our dogs are always up for the ride, and it’s our job to make sure they’re protected along the way....
A golden retriever running through dry leaves on a road surrounded by colorful trees.

Dog Safety

How to Keep Your Dog Safe on Halloween

Understand how to keep your dog safe on Halloween with advice from the dog experts at Orvis. Learn answers to common questions about dogs and...