A woman throws a dog toy into a shallow river for her Labrador Retrievers to fetch.

Dog Safety

From playtime to walk time to leaving them home alone, ensuring your dog’s safety should always be top of mind. Our experts cover everything from general how-tos to specific circumstances, so you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way.

A shepherd snuffles the ear of a yellow lab on a brick porch.

Dog Safety

ID Your Dog For Peace Of Mind

The best way to help your dog return to you if she goes missing is outfitting her with a personalized collar, an ID hang tag, and a registered...
A person adjusts a dog pack on a black and white dog.

Hiking and Dogs

How to Hike Safely with Your Dog

Get prepared to hike safely with your dog by packing appropriate and necessary gear as well as knowing trail etiquette and basic dog first aid.
A brown and white dog standing in the tall grass.

Dog Safety

Tick Safety for Dogs

It only takes one tick bite to sicken a dog, but if illness is caught early, treatments can be effective. Learn a few simple measures to keep your...
A brown spotted dog laying on its Orvis Dog Bed inside a home.

Dog Safety

Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

Learn the best strategies for keeping your dog safe and happy when you must leave her home alone, whether for a few hours or for the entire day.
A black dog mid-leap from a boulder into a lake.

Dog Training

10 Steps To Get Your Dog Swimming

Help your dog enjoy swimming success following these ten steps, from starting early and keeping your pup safe to making it fun and going swimming...
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A chocolate lab puppy laying on the green grass

Dog Safety

Why Dogs Can’t Have Chocolate

Understanding why your dog can’t have chocolate, and knowing what to do if they accidentally ingest it, can potentially help save your pal’s life.
The mottled, black and white coat of a Ryman-type English setter

Dog Safety

How Long Can You Leave a Dog Alone?

Consult our guidelines to determine whether—and for how long—you can reasonably leave your dog alone. Our questions are designed to help you make the...
A black dog inside a home surrounded laying in a dog bed.

Dog Safety

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety in dogs can be deeply distressing for them and for you; understand its symptoms and learn how to help your best friend.
A spaniel sitting on the steps between two people.

Dog Safety

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Understand the underlying causes of dog bites and discover what you can do to prevent a dog bite or treat one if it happens.
A black dog wandering through the woods on its own.

Dog Safety

How to Find a Lost Dog

If you’re reading this because you’ve lost your dog, take a deep breath and try not to panic. We explain one step at a time what to do bring home...
A small brown, white, and black dog with big ears looking up from the ground.

Dog Safety

How to Clean a Dog’s Ears

Clean your dog’s ears using the right supplies, and by starting from the outside; keeping your dog’s ears healthy is an important part of regular...
A brown-and-white dog running down a beach with a person.

Dog Safety

Running with Your Dog: Tips for Success

Once you evaluate your dog’s running fitness, master basic training with her, and gear up, you might find she’s your best-ever workout partner.
A shaggy gray dog lays on rocks in the woods

Dog Safety

Top 10 Tips To Avoid Heatstroke

Heat can affect dogs differently than humans. It’s important that you can tell when your pup is in danger. Dr. Madeline Fellin explains the signs of...
A brown and white dog jumping for a frisbee while outside.

Dog Safety

How to Play Safely With Your Dog

We offer the best strategies for safe play with your dog, from establishing rules and boundaries to troubleshooting aggressive play habits.
A multi-colored dog sleeping on the floor surrounded by toys.

Gear & Product Care

How to Choose Safe Toys for Your Dog

Choosing safe toys for your dog provides mental and physical enrichment and encourages healthy chewing habits while sparing your belongings.
A brown and white dog standing in the water with blue skies.

Dog Safety

Are Rawhide Chew Toys Safe for My Dog?

Learn what you need to know about about the safety of rawhide chew toys and treats for dogs, so you can make the best decisions for your pet’s well...
A brown dog wearing a collar standing alone in the road during fall.

Dog Safety

What to Do If You Find a Lost Dog

Learn the tactics to use if you find a lost dog with no ID tags, including step-by-step instructions and strategies to handle a fearful or defensive...
A black and white dog resting on a gray dog bed.

Dog Safety

Can Dogs Get Colds?

Learn how to recognize the symptoms of a cold in your dog and how to help him recuperate. Discover prevention tips as well as signs it's time to go...
A golden retriever running through dry leaves on a road surrounded by colorful trees.

Dog Safety

How to Keep Your Dog Safe on Halloween

Understand how to keep your dog safe on Halloween with advice from the dog experts at Orvis. Learn answers to common questions about dogs and...
A woman crouches in the green grass teaching her dog to come.

Dog Training 101 with Melinda Benbow

Teach Your Dog Recall

Watch professional dog trainer Melinda Benbow demonstrate how to teach your dog to come reliably when you call, avoiding potentially dangerous...
A smiling Melinda Benbow holding her white, black, and brown dog near her face.
Melinda Benbow
A family walks their dogs through the forest.

Dog Training

How to Socialize a Dog

Socializing a dog is crucial for his well-being and his family’s; patience and consistency are key, but the results are a confident and well-adjusted...
A border collie sitting in a green room looking through a white gate.

Gear & Product Care

Indoor Dog Gates: Creating Dog-Safe Zones

An indoor dog gate is a crowd control essential that limits messes and keeps everyone safe, whether you’re training a puppy or simply creating...

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