An older gray and white dog laying on a dog bed

Older Dogs

As your dog ages, their needs change. But adapting to your senior dog's needs is easy when you know what signs to look for. From nutritional needs and sleep habits to common ailments and everyday care, we'll cover what you need to know to keep your dog healthy and happy in their golden years.

A black senior dog with white fur on its nose

Wellness & Nutrition

Tips for Caring for Your Senior Dog

Dogs are living longer than ever before thanks to improved nutrition and veterinary care. But dogs experience many of the same health-related...
An elderly dachshund asleep in a round memory foam dog bed

Wellness & Nutrition

How Older Dogs’ Sleep Habits Change

Just as your dog’s sleep habits changed between puppyhood and adulthood, your dog’s sleep patterns will likely transform as they enter their golden...
A brown dog with a white snout having an orange leaf on its forehead

Wellness & Nutrition

Keeping Older Dogs Healthy

Our relationships with our dogs are often difficult to describe with words. “Bittersweet,” for example, only begins to describe the experience of...
A large black dog with a tennis ball in its mouth along side a smaller black dog

Wellness & Nutrition

Dental Care for Older Dogs

Taking good care of your dog’s teeth is important from puppyhood through his golden years. As your dog ages, a regular dental routine keeps his teeth...
A small gray and white terrier in very tall bright green grass

Wellness & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition for Older Dogs

Improved veterinary care, better vaccines, and better nutrition are helping dogs live longer than they did only a few decades ago. That’s excellent...
An older black dog being helped down stairs

Wellness & Nutrition

Tips for Managing Arthritis in Dogs

Your best friend has always bounded around the backyard and trotted easily by your side during walks. As your dog ages, some of the spring will...
A very fluffy sheep dog with gray and white fur

Wellness & Nutrition

Common Ailments in Senior Dogs

As with humans, the aging process in dogs comes with many physical and mental changes and challenges. Your friend who once bounded with energy as a...
A brown and white border collie laying on the green grass

Wellness & Nutrition

Hip Dysplasia in Older Dogs

What are the signs of hip dysplasia in older dogs? Your sweet older pup may be sporting a few distinguished gray whiskers on his chin these days, but...
A close-up of a brown and white dog in a field with a scarf around its neck

Wellness & Nutrition

Incontinence In Older Dogs

Of the many health issues that emerge as dogs age, urinary incontinence can be one of the most difficult to cope with. The accidents that coincide...
Looking down at an old golden in the grass

Wellness & Nutrition

The Challenges of Owning an Older Dog

If you’re lucky, your dog is aging so gracefully, you hardly notice it happening. Inevitably, though, she will reach a point when it becomes...