A small black and white dog running through colorful leaves with a stick in its mouth

Wellness & Nutrition

Proper nutrition is vital to your dog’s health and well-being. We’ll cover the info you need to ensure your dog’s safety, happiness, and health as they head into their golden years.


A woman feeding her black dog from a camo chuckwagon

Wellness & Nutrition

How to Find the Right Dog Food

Consult our dog food guidelines for an overview of which ingredients you should expect to find in...
A white dog and a brown dog eating out of metal food stands inside a house

Wellness & Nutrition

How to Properly Feed Your Dog

How do you properly feed a dog? We weigh in with expert advice on how much and how often to feed...
Two dogs outside in the woods eating out of blue travel bowls

Wellness & Nutrition

Dog Food Ingredients Glossary

Our Dog Food Ingredients Glossary is a sampling of the ingredients that appear frequently in dog...
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Diet & Nutrition For Older Dogs

Older Dogs

A brown dog with a white snout having an orange leaf on its forehead

Wellness & Nutrition

Keeping Older Dogs Healthy

Our relationships with our dogs are often difficult to describe with words. “Bittersweet,” for...
A large black dog with a tennis ball in its mouth along side a smaller black dog

Wellness & Nutrition

Dental Care for Older Dogs

Taking good care of your dog’s teeth is important from puppyhood through his golden years. As your...
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