Two dogs in the water with an angler; one dog noses a just-caught fish mid-release from a net.

Fishing with Dogs

Dogs are the best fishing buddies. Their curiosity and enthusiasm make for a great day even if the fish aren’t biting. Our top tips will make sure you and your dog are fully prepared before you head for the water’s edge.

A shaggy gray dog lays on rocks in the woods

Dog Safety

Top 10 Tips To Avoid Heatstroke

Heat can affect dogs differently than humans. It’s important that you can tell when your pup is in danger. Dr. Madeline Fellin explains the signs of...
A black dog mid-leap from a boulder into a lake

Dog Training

10 Steps to Get Your Dog Swimming

Summertime is here! Warm weather means you’ll want to take extra consideration when including your dog in any outdoor activities. The good news is...
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A dog wearing a pack on a hike with a woman on a mountainside

Dog Training

How to Train Your Dog to Wear a Pack

Training your dog to wear a pack is simple as training them to wear a dog harness, and most domestic dogs quickly take a shine to it—we’ve been...