Two people and their two dogs in bright leashes and harnesses hike a rocky mountain.

Hiking and Dogs

Heading out for a hike? While your dog is most likely excited about the prospect of new smells and wide-open spaces, being ready for whatever’s down the trail is key to having a safe and fun day together. Our experts tell you what you need to know.

A person adjusts a dog pack on a black and white dog

Hiking and Dogs

How to Hike Safely with Your Dog

Any seasoned hiker who routinely hits the trail with a canine companion knows having their beloved dog along for the adventure elevates the...
A brown and white dog standing in the tall grass

Dog Safety

Tick Safety for Dogs

Tiny as they are, ticks can pose serious health risks to dogs. They’re known to carry at least ten different vector-borne diseases, often more than...
A dog wearing a pack on a hike with a woman on a mountainside

Dog Training

How to Train Your Dog to Wear a Pack

Training your dog to wear a pack is simple as training them to wear a dog harness, and most domestic dogs quickly take a shine to it—we’ve been...
A shaggy gray dog lays on rocks in the woods

Dog Safety

Top 10 Tips To Avoid Heatstroke

Heat can affect dogs differently than humans. It’s important that you can tell when your pup is in danger. Dr. Madeline Fellin explains the signs of...