1971 Camo logo
An assortment 1971 camo patterned product on blonde plywood background

Retro Camo Meets Modern Performance

In 1971, we developed the world’s first bird-hunting camo. Now, it’s back in styles that take you way beyond the hunt.

The Inspiration

“Whenever I, like many other waterfowl hunters, see the retro brown camo, it immediately brings me back to my childhood, and the sights, sounds, and smells of a chilly October morning watching the duck marsh wake up."

— Charley Perkins, Orvis Product Developer, Men's Merchandising

pictured below: Images from the Orvis 1981 Fall Hunting and Fishing Catalog

An image from the 1971 Orvis catalog of a man wearing a camo-patterned coat and turtleneck
An image from the 1971 Orvis catalog of two hunters in a field wearing a camo-patterned jacket and holding a shotgun
An image from the 1971 Orvis catalog of a black dog wearing a camo-patterned dog coat

Then & Now

Now key product developers, and family owners of the company, Hannah and Charley have been testing our gear for decades. In fact, in this picture from their childhood, Hannah is wearing a hand-me-down, original camo vest.

Charley is the driving force behind bringing this original camo back; he and Hannah hope you love it as much as we do.

Charley Perkins wearing a camo-patterned jacket pets his black Labrador Retriever in a marsh
“I feel a great sense of pride when I think about the Orvis Associates who were sitting in a duck marsh before work (over 50 years ago) and challenged themselves to produce a better-performing camo than their army surplus green camo. It speaks to the passion and curiosity for the outdoors that runs in the Orvis family.”

— Charley Perkins