How to Choose a Dog Bed

A big yellow Labrador Retriever asleep on a gray Orvis RecoveryZone dog bed.

Orvis Knows Every Dog is Different & Needs a Den of Their Own

We’re dedicated to your dog having the perfect bed for superior rest, recovery, health, and well-being. It’s why we offer a range of choices to meet the needs of all breeds, sizes, and ages, with the best dog beds in the industry using the highest-quality covers, fills, and construction standards.

Research, testing, and endless curiosity shape our every design, so that our beds benefit your canine from puppyhood to their golden years. Learn about the variety of components Orvis has to offer, so you can decide on the very best bed for your dog.

A brown dog asleep in the sunshine on a ToughChew RecoveryZone dog bed.

We Have the Perfect Bed for Your Dog

Shapes for Different Sleep Styles

If your dog likes to sprawl out, snuggle up, or burrow in for nap time, we have a bed shape that provides rest and recovery while satisfying their sleep style and need for security.

Couch Beds

  • Ideal for all sleep styles: your dog will love to stretch, curl, or lean
  • Provides a comforting sense of security
  • Open side makes for easy on/off
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Bolster Beds

  • Open side makes it ideal for all sleep styles
  • Bolster supports the back and head
  • Provides a comforting sense of security
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Wraparound Beds

  • Great for dogs who curl up to sleep or dogs who like a soft place to rest their head
  • All-around bolster adds a sense of security
  • 360-degree support
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Lounger Beds

  • Great for dogs who like to stretch out on their belly, back, or side
  • Low-profile shape fits anywhere in your home
  • Easy on/off for older dogs
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3 Premium Fill Options

From therapeutic support and thermoregulation to plush cushioning, our fill inserts are designed to promote rest and recovery.

Orvis RecoveryZone®

  • Our most advanced support
  • 5" bi-component foam provides the ultimate in rest & recovery for your dog.
  • Promotes airflow and enhances breathability
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Orvis Memory Foam

  • Gentle on joints
  • 4" foam engineered for canine bodies and weight distribution
  • Promotes better-quality sleep and quicker recovery
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Orvis ComfortFill-Eco™

  • Stays fluffy and evenly dispersed
  • Chambered liner prevents fill from shifting or clumping
  • Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles
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Comfortable, Great-Looking Covers

Durable, washable fabrics complement your home and create a cozy sleep surface.

Quilted Microfiber

  • Upholstery-grade fabric
  • Supersoft
  • Incredibly durable
  • Machine washable
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  • Guaranteed to never pull, pill, or shed
  • Exclusively from Orvis
  • The softest sleep surface available
  • Adds cozy comfort to your dog’s “den”
  • Machine washable
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ToughChew®—New & Improved

  • The world’s toughest dog bed cover
  • Stands up to persistent chewers 
  • Money-back guarantee
  • No cording at seams eliminates chew targets
  • Machine washable
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