Each sling pack is designed to offer various features and benefits depending on your fishing pursuits. Use the chart to see the relative size of each pack along with a comparison of the most important features.

  PRO Waterproof Sling 14L Guide Sling Pack 18L Standard Sling Pack 11L Mini Sling Pack 5L
Volume 14 Liter Capacity 18 Liter Capacity 11 Liter Capacity 5 Liter Capacity
  Illutration of large sling pack relative size Illutration of large sling pack relative size Illutration of medium sling pack relative size Illutration of small sling pack relative size
Waterproof X      
Tippet Whippet X X X  
Net Holster X X    
Tool Docking X X X X
Waterbottle Holder X X X X
Recycled Fabric   X X X
Available Fully Loaded   X X X
Orvis Pro Waterproof Sling 14L

Pro Waterproof Sling 14L

When needing to protect your gear from the water, our mid-sized waterpoof sling does the job.

Orvis Guide Sling Pack 18L

Guide Sling Pack 18L

Our largest sling pack, built to hold everything you need for long days on the water.

Orvis Sling Pack 11L

Standard Sling Pack 11L

A mid-sized customer favorite that keeps your gear organized and secure.

Orvis Mini Sling Pack 5L

Mini Sling Pack 5L

Our smallest sling pack that gets the job done when your fly-fishing day calls for a compact kit.