Cohen's Manbearpig

Earn impressive predatory strikes and thrilling catches with Cohen's Manbearpig streamer fly.


When you are in search of big predators and want to attract angry strikes, Cohen's Manbearpig is an over-the-top streamer fly designed to raise a little hell in the water and provoke the wicked strikes you're looking for. Long and articulated with lots of flash, schlappin, and bucktail, Cohen's Manbearpig pushes a lot of water with its big deer hair head and is tied with a rattle and attractor tail to make it near irresistible. Strip it hard and let it go—the fly jackknifes and hovers, inducing a predatory strike instinct. Excellent erratic action on a sinking line as well. 2/0 hook is 5"L. 6/0 hook is 8"L. Imported.
This item ships directly from the manufacturer and requires a physical street address for delivery. Shipped to contiguous 48 states only. Express shipping/gift packaging not available.


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