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Three people relaxing on a wooden bridge in Belize

The Orvis Guide to Adventure

Orvis has been outfitting adventurous travelers since 1856, and our team of travel experts continues that tradition. They will help you plan the vacation of a lifetime to outdoor destinations worldwide, using our extensive network of high-quality outfitters, lodges, and local travel specialists. You can count on their expertise, dedication to customer service, and integrity to ensure that you experience the trip of a lifetime.

Yurts in Mongolia

Mongolia Travel Guide

Person laying on large palm tree branch in Belize

Belize Travel Guide

Woman standing under a palm roof eating fruit

What Do I Need to Travel to Belize?

The key to a great vacation is advanced planning, particularly if you’re headed to a subtropical foreign country, such as Belize.

While Belize is an exotic foreign destination, it’s not far from home, has minimal entry requirements, and is an easy, delightful place to visit. It’s also breathtakingly beautiful with many opportunities for exploration and is known for some of the best fly fishing in saltwater flats. Following is a list of what you need to enter the country.

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Five people drinking at an outdoor table

10 Places Not to Miss in Belize

In addition to its breathtaking natural scenery, Belize is an appealing destination from a cultural perspective, as its inhabitants represent an interesting mix of nationalities and customs.

Belize is similar in size to Massachusetts which means it’s small enough to navigate easily, especially given its modern transportation system. There are so many incredibly interesting and unusual sights and opportunities for adventure in this tropical paradise; the biggest challenge facing visitors is trying to decide what to do first and how to fit it all into a brief visit. Here’s a sampling to help you get started.

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Beach chair in white sand in a tropical location

Bahamas Travel Guide

Woman and child walking through tropical water

What Do I Need to Travel to the Bahamas?

Getting to any international travel destination demands advanced preparation, but the requirements for the Bahamas are fairly minimal.

Get started early, and practice the laid-back spirit of the islands before your journey to this beautiful archipelago even begins. 

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A plate with lobster tail

10 Places Not to Miss When You Visit the Bahamas

The gorgeous beaches and gentle trade winds of this idyllic island chain are a powerful siren song.

Any trip to the Bahamas could easily be spent relaxing on the beach between dives into crystal clear surf, and visits to the closest food shack for conch fritters and a Goombay Smash. There are certainly worse things. But the varied islands of the Bahamas beckon for hopping and offer endless treasures. Here are ten beautiful and distinctly Bahamian locations it would be a shame to leave undiscovered.

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Waterfall in the mountains of Patagonia

Patagonia Travel Guide

Scenic view of Colorado's mountains

Colorado Travel Guide

Aerial view of a river in Colorado

Top 10 Fly Fishing Rivers in Colorado

Fed with from snow high atop the Continental Divide, Colorado’s rivers develop into some of the country’s best trout streams.

Each winding path of Rocky Mountain water provides its own outstanding fly-fishing experience, so narrowing down these rivers to only ten is an impossible task. But the ten on our list are guaranteed to provide some of the best fly fishing of your life and most include Gold Medal Stream sections, as designated by the state of Colorado.

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Man holding large trout in a river in Colorado

When to Visit Colorado

Colorado is a year-round destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

From its National Parks and wilderness, which draw travelers in the summer, to its ski areas, which attract visitors from around the world in the winter, Colorado could be called the capital of outdoor tourism. For most of the year, Colorado is quite dry. Even when the snow piles up in the mountains, the prairies and valleys will see little precipitation. The Front Range east into Denver and the prairie areas see effects from the summer monsoon season, with fairly regular afternoon thunderstorms, especially in early summer.

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A group of kayakers explore an Alaskan river

Alaska Small Ship Cruise Travel Guide

Alaskan mountain towering over green meadow

When to Travel to Alaska

There’s really no “bad” time to go to Alaska between May and September—only slightly better times to satisfy a specific agenda.

While conventional wisdom might nudge you to go when the temperatures are warmest, travel timing really boils down to personal preference. What’s on your Alaska adventure cruise must-do wish list?

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Float plane landing on water in Alaska

What Do I Need to Travel to Alaska?

As remote as Alaska may lie from your hometown, for most American citizens the documents required to travel there for an adventure cruise are minimal.

Before you pack your bags, get your ducks in a row: knowing what you need ahead of time will help clear your mind for an unforgettable journey to “America’s last frontier” aboard a small ship cruise.

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Two anglers casting into a river

Wyoming Travel Guide

Entrance to a Wyoming ranch at dusk

When to Travel to Wyoming

The quick answer is, “as soon as you can!”

Trout fishing in Wyoming tends to follow the Mountain West fishing seasons of pre-runoff, runoff, post-runoff, early fall, and winter. These seasons overlap the four seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter and vary each year depending on snowmelt and rainfall. But with a number of blue-ribbon tailwaters reliably flowing throughout the state, you’ll find great fishing just about any day of the year, depending on your preferred experience.

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An angler helping another angler net a trout on a river

Top 10 Fly Fishing Rivers in Wyoming

Wyoming is a trout angler’s dream come true.

From pristine glacial creeks filled with native cutthroat to big tailwaters which support thousands of trout per mile, it’s safe to say that a fly-fishing trip to Wyoming will be a life-changing experience.

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Fisherman on a remote river in Montana

Montana Travel Guide

People standing around a campfire in the mountains of Montana

When to Travel to Montana

The state of Montana offers memories that will last a lifetime, no matter the season.

Whether you’re casting salmon flies on the Upper Madison, or working with dogs to flush Hungarian partridge along the Bighorn River, adventure abounds in Montana. So, when is the best time to travel to the 41st state? It all depends on the trip you’re looking for. Here’s an overview of the best time to go to Montana for fly fishing, hunting, and adventure trips.

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An angler releasing a fish on a river in Montana

Top 10 Rivers to Fish in Montana

Choosing a favorite river in Montana is like having to choose your favorite child.

However, in this case, you have dozens of famous rivers, and maybe hundreds of smaller streams and creeks, which in many ways are as good as or better than their famous bigger siblings. To make a list of the top 10 rivers to fish in Montana, many wonderful waters will be left off the list. So for us to say these are the “top,” we’re simply saying that on any given day, you will be almost guaranteed the experience of a lifetime on one of these ten Montana waters.

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