Essentials for Senior Dogs

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Essential Products for Senior Dogs

Our Essentials for Senior Dogs collection includes the best beds for your aging pal, as well as innovative lifts and ramps to help her live her best life. We offer tested and reliable products, including our popular memory foam dog bed for supreme comfort and orthopedic support, and other products to help them with mobility, joint, and comfort challenges. Whether your best friend is a working field hound or a pampered couch potato (or both—we don’t judge), we understand that these days she may have trouble jumping into her favorite truck or climbing onto her preferred napping spot. Our car ramps and seat extenders make it easy for an older dog to continue going for the rides she loves. Plus, adding a car seat protector for dogs keeps your pal comfortable while keeping upholstery clear of hair, bladder leaks, or dander. Dog stairs and stair treads provide a stable path to familiar places around the home, and dog lift slings help get them where they want to go with less pain. For older dogs whose hearts are willing but back legs are frail, our sturdy slings and lifts let you assist them up and down, in and out of the house, and with walking.

Tips for Caring for Older Dogs

  • Provide extra warmth. As dogs age, their ability to regulate body temperature diminishes. In cold months, position your dog’s bed away from drafty areas to prevent a chill. Offer a fleece blanket for added warmth—some dogs may appreciate the option to snuggle up underneath it. A fleece dog jacket offers protection from the cold, and booties keep feet warm and provide traction on slippery ground.
  • Allow plenty of rest. As she ages, your dog’s naps may stretch longer and her sleep patterns may change. Provide a comfortable area for your older dog to rest. A quiet space allows her to relax, and a comfortable memory foam bed provides the orthopedic support she needs to sleep well. She still needs her exercise, though—encourage activity to keep her healthy, to prevent obesity, and to engage her mind. Keeping her active can also help a restless dog sleep better at night.
  • Start when she’s young. An older dog benefits from a memory foam bed and a car ramp, but you can protect her joints before she reaches her senior years. A memory foam bed distributes weight and alleviates discomfort for dogs of all ages, which may help prevent pain later in life. Likewise, a car ramp or stairs can limit joint damage or injury in a young dog, so she can enter her elder years gracefully—and without distress from a previous injury.

For those of us who have known the love of senior dogs, we know the gray muzzle years are some of their best. They have a lot of life left, and our essential products for senior dogs give them the best life possible.

Quick Essentials Checklist for Owners of Senior Dogs

As dogs enter their senior years, we need to adapt to their changing needs. A senior dog food preparation should replace their regular adult food, and it’s time to add joint supplements to their diet if you haven’t already. Senior dogs need continued exercise and regular vet checkups, as well as at-home accommodations to help them navigate slick floors or climb into or out of the car.

  1. A Comfortable Dog Bed – Offer your senior a dog bed built to cradle and support aging joints. A memory foam couch or bolster bed is not only supremely comfortable, but can also help relieve pressure points and improve circulation in an older dog.
  2. Raised Dog Bowls – Ease pressure on her neck with raised dog bowls. Elevating her food and water reduces the strain on her shoulders as well.
  3. Mobility Aids – Add stair treads, steps, and lifts to your home and vehicle to assist when she shows signs of decreased mobility.
  4. Soft Treats – Introduce soft dog treats as your dog ages. Softer treats are easier to chew, especially if your senior pup has gum or tooth issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bed is best for older dogs?

The best bed for an older dog is one that offers the perfect balance of support and comfort. An orthopedic bed is a great choice for a senior dog; our orthopedic memory foam bolster and platform beds promise support for joints while relieving pressure and improving circulation.

How can I help an older dog with weak back legs?

Older dogs who struggle with weak back legs benefit from assistance with a sling lift. A rear sling lift for dogs fits under the belly and has handles attached on the top so the owner can gently pull up the dog from a prone position or assist her while walking up or down stairs.

How do you get an older dog into the car?

An older dog with limited mobility or joint issues needs a sturdy ramp to help her climb into and out of the car. Using a ramp is often safer than lifting a dog, since lifting can potentially harm muscles or joints in both human and canine. Orvis dog ramps are lightweight yet rugged and come with a non-slip surface for improved traction.