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Bowls, Feeders, & Food Storage for Dogs

In smart, decorative designs, our dog bowls, feeders, and food storage products keep a regular routine from turning into a chore. Browse a variety of attractive and easy-to-clean dog bowls that promise stable footing, perfect for dogs who tend to nose their bowls around or tip them. Raised feeders bring meals within easy reach of your older dog—explore our pretty wood or sturdy metal styles, in single or double bowl options. Find whimsical and functional food bins and canisters, made to keep your companion’s kibble fresh. And stay ready for adventure: Our travel food and water bowls make feeding your dog on the road efficient and convenient.

Does My Dog Need a Raised Feeder?

Elevated dog bowls give your dog access to her food and water at head height—a welcome benefit for some dogs, but especially to an older or arthritic dog who may find eating from a raised bowl more comfortable. If your dog is an enthusiastic eater, a raised feeder won’t slide around on the floor like a conventional dog bowl might. And there’s an aesthetic benefit to raised feeders, which come in an appealing variety of styles that look great in your home. Choose a sturdy placemat to protect your floors, and create a dining area to make your pet’s mealtimes special.