We’ve partnered with Garden & Gun magazine to bring you a series of articles that celebrate life with dogs. Enjoy, and look for more in upcoming catalogs.

illustration of dog and hunter attacked by a snake

Ghost Dog

It’s not uncommon to grow up, as I did, around black-and-white images of family members who came before. Still, as an adult, I’ve come to understand that it isn’t typical for a photograph of a dog to be the most talked-about among them.

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illustration of a hunter with his dog who is dressed up

Who's the Boss

When it came to selecting my first gun dog, I had one rule—and it came from my wife, Idie: “Bring home a female. There’s too much testosterone in this house as is.”

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illustration of dog putting on running shoes

Running Mates

The dog walks the road leashed to restrain his exuberance. We are vacationing in northern New Mexico for a few weeks, trading the fecundity of Mississippi for the expansiveness of high desert.

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illustration of a dog on a therapist couch

Canine Complex

We first saw our Aussie mix on a Texas rescue shelter website. She was mangy, cowering, a little crazy in the eyeballs, ready to bolt, as if she thought the camera might eat her. A doomed hyena.

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