Thanks to Mom

Nelli Williams’s Gift Guide for the Outdoors-Obsessed Mom

Nellie Williams holding a fish in front of water with her son and daughter.

She is up with the sun and ready to seek adventure in every new day.

Her life revolves around adventure. She’s always ready for an unplanned exploration into the woods, a quick trip to the stream, or an impromptu weekend backpacking new territory. She runs trails at sunrise and uses her lunch break for a bonus hour outdoors with the dog. She lives for the weekend. She taught you to love nature, to respect it, and to protect it. Celebrate her adventurous spirit with a gift that helps her enjoy her life outdoors


Trout Unlimited Alaska Program Director and mother of two young children, Nelli Williams, is up with the sun and ready to seek adventure every day. Whether it’s fishing, mountain biking, or exploring the neighborhood, time outdoors is as much of a priority and way of life for her kids as it is for her.