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Tom Rosenbauer fishes while wading waist-deep in the river.

Getting started in fly fishing is easy when you’ve got the right instructor. In our detailed video series, renowned author and angler Tom Rosenbauer, along with Orvis Fly-Fishing Instructor Pete Kutzer, take you through the essentials, covering everything from basic knots and fly selection to advanced casting techniques.

Tom Rosenbauer speaks to the camera. Behind him, parents watch their child cast into a pond.

The Basics Of Fly Fishing

For anyone wanting to learn how to fly fish, this video is your perfect starting point. Hosted by author and educator Tom Rosenbauer, this video explores the history of fly fishing and also details the basics of how easy it is to get started in this wonderful outdoor activity!

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George Daniel uses his hands to indicate about of foot of distance to Tom Rosenbauer as they both wade knee-deep in the river.

Advanced / Intermediate Fly Fishing

Chapter One: Euro Nymphing

In this very detailed video, host Tom Rosenbauer is instructed by George Daniel on the essentials of Euro Nymphing. This deadly and effective technique for nymph fishing for trout is a method all fly fishers should learn to enhance their catch ratio.

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Pete Kutzer casting in the river.

Fly Casting

Casting Heavy / Large Flies

Great instruction on how to cast heavy flies with a fly rod from casting guru Pete Kutzer.

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AN extreme close-up of fingers tying a fly on a vice.

Fly Tying

Tying the Pheasant Tail Nymph with Tom Rosenbauer

One the top flies any angler should have in their fly box is the pheasant tail nymph and in this video Tom discusses why this pattern is so important and how to tie it.

We think the folks at Tightline Productions make the best fly tying videos in the world, and we’re pleased that they were generous enough to let us share them with you on the Orvis Learning Center. Browse through a comprehensive collection of video instructions for tying flies including dry flies, emergers, nymphs, streamers, saltwater & bass flies, and salmon & steelhead patterns.

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