Capt. Lucas Bissett

Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Guide in Slidell, Louisiana

Capt. Lucas Bissett


A day on the Louisiana coast with Orvis—endorsed fly—fishing guide Captain Lucas is like no other. With a degree in communications and seven years' experience working on restoring Louisiana's coast, Lucas's knowledge of the marsh and ability to relay his passion are unrivaled. Customers have been getting the full—guided experience for over eight years on Lucas's boat and so many enjoyed their experience, he won Orvis—endorsed Saltwater Guide of the Year in 2017. Many have come to Louisiana and have had multi—species days as well as the "Louisiana Slam" while on the boat with Lucas. Louisiana is one of the most unique places to fish on the planet and the best way to experience it is on the front of a Louisiana native's boat who can explain how important and fragile Louisiana's estuaries are.



Louisiana has a prolific year-round fishery. No matter the season, fish are there and can be caught.


Redfish, black drum, sheepshead, jack crevalle, gar.


The lush marshes of Southeast Louisiana provide not only an amazing ecosystem for our target species but also a variety of other viewing pleasures. On any given day, there are lots of bird species to observe as well as other flora and fauna.

Typical Weather:

Louisiana has a fairly wide temperature range from summer to winter. Summertime temps can get into the mid to high 90s F and winter can see lows in the upper 30s. Spring and fall are our most comfortable temperatures, ranging in low 60s to mid 80s. Winter sees a lot of cold fronts, which can make the weather uncomfortable and fishing really difficult.


Rates start from: $700 per day
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What is Provided:

Lowtide Charters provides ample amounts of drinking water and a cooler filled with ice. Customers should bring a lunch or snacks to eat and any beverages they wish to have beyond water. We also have all fishing gear needed, including: rods, reels, line and flies.

Gear Recommendations:

We recommend bringing 8-10 wt. rods and reels. Weight-forward, floating fly line. We like the Orvis saltwater all rounder or their redfish line.

What to Bring:

It is always colder or hotter on the water, depending on the season. We recommend you always wear long-sleeved, sun protective clothing as well as long pants. You should always bring rain gear on your trip and an extra set of clothes.

Having a good pair of amber-colored polarized glasses is absolutely paramount. Without good polarized glasses, you will literally be blind and unable to fish.


Captain Lucas Bissett spent seven years working on coastal restoration with Louisiana State University. A day on the water brings an educational aspect that is unrivaled. Spending the day looking for redfish on the flats and learning about the ecosystem they live in provides a real total guiding experience.

We here at Lowtide Charters are proud to practice CPR (catch, photograph, and release). We want out fishery to remain strong and vibrant so generations to come can experience this place the way we are today.

Additional Activities:

If you get weathered out on your trip, New Orleans is only a 45-minute drive away. Take advantage of the world-class food and music, as well as one of the best WWII museums in the country.


Capt. Lucas Bissett
Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Guide
321 Nicklaus Dr.
Hopedale, LA 70085
Winner of the Orvis-Endorsed Saltwater Fly-Fishing Guide of the Year Award

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