20 Days in September Photo Contest

An angler fly fishing in a river by a brown covered bridge.
2022 Contest Winner

Maedbh Ryan

20 Days in September #20sepdays
Although astronomical summer doesn’t end until September 23rd, the kids are heading back to school, summer hours at work are nearly over, and the nights are growing increasingly crisp. It’s a time to reflect on how well you spent those longest days of the year.
Back in 2014, I had a tough summer, fishing-wise, so to make up for it, I set myself a goal: to go fishing 20 days during the month of September. Thus was born the “20 Days in September” Project. I had so much fun—and enjoyed my time on the water so much—that we opened up the project to everyone and turned it into a photo contest on Facebook and Instagram. Every year since, the contest has attracted more and more participants, who tell us what a blast they have trying to complete the challenge.

— Phil Monahan, Managing Editor, Digital Content Marketing

A fish being released back into the water.

The contest is GREAT fun. Each year it’s encouraged me to find new local waters and revisit long neglected “fishin’ holes” in order to add variety to the month. It’s also encouraged me to get creative when I’ve had to do non-fishing related travel. I’ve managed 20+ each of the past two years and really, really look forward to doing it again.

—Mike Sepelak, blog reader

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make an honest attempt to get on the water 20 times during September. Of course, these don’t have to be full or even half days of angling. Just 10 casts are enough to count on any given day. So steal time whenever you can: before work, at lunchtime, after work, or . . . (cough) during work. On weekends, get in a few casts around family time, kids’ sports, or yard work. [You don’t have to complete the 20 days to win.]
  2. This is not just about trout. Any species and kinds of water are eligible—from bass and pike in lakes, to stripers and bonefish in saltwater, to carp in canals. If you can catch it on a fly, it’s game. The only limitation is that the fish must be caught during the month of September 2023.
  3. Take pictures of your fish, the water, your fellow anglers, the flies you’re using, or anything else. To promote good fish handling, photos may not show trout held out of the water. With so much low, warm water around the country, we want to ensure that trout are released as quickly as possible, with no extra time out of the water for photos. You’ll note that none of last year’s finalists were of the grip-and-grin variety.
  4.  Post your photos to the Orvis Fly Fishing Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtags #orvisflyfishing and #20sepdays. (Only photos using both hashtags will be eligible!)

At the end of the month, we’ll go through all the photos posted as part of the project and pick 10 finalists. Then we’ll let you vote for the winners! (Check out all of last year’s finalists below, and see all three winners here.)

Here are the prizes:

We’ll also give two pairs of made-in-the-USA Orvis Nippers: One to a randomly selected person who posts a photo of them picking up trash while fishing, and one to a randomly selected voter at the end of the contest.

You don’t have to complete your 20 days to be eligible to win, but we will have a Roll of Honor for those who do manage to complete the Project. So, start carving out more time for fishing. Do you think you can hit the 20 mark?