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Crates and Crate Pads for Dogs

We appreciate the impact a dog crate can make on the lifestyle you share with your pet. For some families, a dog travel crate is the only way a pet can travel in safety and comfort. And for most, a dog's crate serves as his sanctuary—a safe place for him to rest, recuperate, or just plain relax. However the crate fits into life with your dog, we take great pains to make sure ours will rise to the occasion.

Does My Dog Need a Crate?

Most dogs benefit from a welcoming crate. Dogs are den animals who crave small, enclosed spaces instinctually. When you properly introduce him to his crate, your dog will grow to view it as an important refuge, his own safe, dedicated spot where he can retreat when he needs to. The crate can also serve as a useful training aid to help you raise a wiggly, chewing puppy into a well-mannered, housebroken adult dog—or to help train your new shelter dog with unknown habits.

But no dog should be left alone for hours on end within the confines of a crate, nor should you use the crate to punish your dog, a practice that will destroy the sense of safety and nurture he should enjoy in his crate. A properly trained dog will be happy to stay inside his crate for short stretches while you’re away, but should be allowed to come and go on his own while you’re at home: When he opts for the sanctuary of his crate of his own accord, you’ll know you’ve achieved crate training success.

What Size Crate Should I Buy?

Your dog’s crate should be just large enough to allow him to stand, lie down comfortably, and change position as needed. But he shouldn’t be able to soil one end of the crate, and then retreat to the other end to rest—close quarters will inhibit this impulse. If you’re adopting a puppy, choose a crate that will accommodate his adult proportions, but with movable interior partitions you can adjust as he grows.

Should I Travel With a Crate?

Even if you secure your dog for travel using a backseat harness, bringing along a collapsible travel crate gives him a safe and reassuring place to sleep when you reach your destination. Our dog travel crates are designed specifically to make it easy for you and your pet to get around. We offer light- and heavyweight styles for different travel scenarios, from errand running to long-distance hauls into the backcountry. Thoughtful engineering makes our travel dog crates a cinch to set up and transport, offering a pop-up home-away-from-home for your dog wherever you go.

Explore the wide-ranging options in our Dog Crates collection and find the best solutions for your dog at home, and on the road.