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Gates and Doors for Dogs

Our indoor dog gates are a smart way to create pet boundaries inside your home wherever you need them. Use a gate to separate a new dog from your existing family pets while they acclimate to each other, or to contain a puppy or new dog in training until they’re trustworthy in other parts of the house.

How to Choose a Dog Gate

When selecting a dog gate, consider your dog’s size and the location where you intend to install the gate. A wide doorway requires a gate that expands. A pressure-mounted gate must be designed to span the entire doorway; the gate’s integrity may be compromised if it is stretched to its limit, making it weak in the center and prone to popping out. An easy-open, hands-free gate is a convenient option in areas with heavy traffic. Plastic and wood can’t hold up against your canine’s canines—if your dog has a tendency to chew, a metal gate is the best option. Think about the installation method, gate style, material, and how you will use the gate.

Dog Gate Safety

While pet gates are an easy way to create dog-friendly spaces in your home, remember these four safety rules:

1. Opt for a sturdy gate designed for use with pets, rather than a baby gate.
2. Lock the gate—crafty canines may become expert gate-openers if the gate is simply latched, but a locked gate keeps the space secure.
3. A dog gate is not a substitution for supervision: While it does provide boundaries, determined pets may jump or climb over a gate if left unattended.
4. Never install a gate with a lower bar at the top of a stairway, as this increases the risk of tripping.

Dog Gate Installation Tips

Made from a variety of superior-quality materials, our dog gates install easily and stay in place reliably. Shop pet gates to suit your preferred installation method.

Freestanding dog gates move easily from place to place, so you can designate boundaries as necessary, or set up multiple convertible gates to define a play area for your pet. Use a freestanding gate in a doorway, as a zig-zag barrier, or pushed against a wall to create a temporary crate.

Pressure-mounted gates offer tool-free installation. These gates do not require holes or drilling; they’re held in place instead by rods adjusted to press against the door frame or wall.

Permanent, hardware-mounted gates are secured directly to the walls in your home. While this is the most secure type of gate, it may be an issue if your residence is a rental or you need a gate you can move as needed.

Dog gates need not be plain. Because our dog gates are designed for aesthetics as well as function, they’ll complement any interior space—their handsome looks are just one more reason ours are the best dog gates around. Explore our collection and discover the materials, finishes, and gate styles to suit your décor. Set boundaries to keep your dog safe—but allow her some freedom—with a sturdy gate.