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Cool, Comfortable PRO Warm Weather Gear

When you’re headed into the heat to chase your favorite fighting fish or log a summer trail run, turn to our PRO Warm Weather System for the best options in clothing and gear. Designed for athletes and built for anglers, this collection integrates advanced textile technology with performance features to achieve pants, shirts, hoodies, and shoes capable of drying quickly while protecting you against harmful UV rays. A full day on the water calls for total sun protection. Pair our women’s or men’s PRO Sun Skiff Pants with a PRO Stretch Long-Sleeved Shirt while you’re on the boat to enjoy impressive UPF 50+ protection and unsurpassed comfort. When your adventures take you farther south, the PRO Sun Hoodie and Hybrid Hoodie offer defense against intense tropical UV rays with an athletic cut to make paddling, casting, and reeling a breeze. The PRO Sun Crew dissipates and redistributes moisture so you stay drier, whether you’re fishing or pitching for your rec league softball team. Anglers and explorers need lighter weight footwear that offers breathability during long, hot days. Our versatile PRO Approach Shoes tackle wet, warm-weather terrain and then dry quickly for the boat or trail. If you’re dedicating your hot-weather day to catch-and-release trout fishing, slip on our PRO Wading Boots to trek along streams and rivers in summer-weight insulation but with reliable, grippy traction. For clothing, shoes, and boots that help you stay outside longer despite spiking temperatures and humidity, shop our PRO Warm Weather System.