Is That a Real Service Dog?

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of “Assistance Animals” turning up in public places, helping their handlers who suffer from a wide variety of disabilities and afflictions.

At the same time, unfortunately, there has also been an increase in confusion about these animals which has sparked some controversy. This can be distressing to those who depend on them to help cope with everyday life. Take a look at the chart below to view the differences between service dogs, emotional support animals and therapy dogs.

Is That a Real Service Dog?


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How Are Service Dogs Different from Emotional Support Dogs and Therapy Dogs?

You've seen them in restaurants, grocery stores, on airplanes and even at large sporting events - places you may have previously never thought you'd see a dog. While service dogs have long been a part of public life, there has been a visible increase in the number of emotional support dogs and therapy dogs in public spaces. These three types of support animals are not the same, however. Some are categorized by law, while others are unrecognized.

One of the most common questions about service dogs is, "are service dogs allowed in restaurants?" The answer is yes. Service dogs can go anywhere their owner can go, as they're needed by their owner to perform everyday tasks. However, service dogs cannot eat at the table. Emotional support dogs and therapy dogs are not allowed in most restaurants. Take a look at the chart above for answers to the restaurant question and more.

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