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Launch Dad’s New Hobby

Erica Nelson and dad standing arm in arm on rocky shore

Erica Nelson’s Gift Guide

Help feed his new passion with gear that will encourage him to get out more and find success on the water.

Although dads are often one of our most important teachers, the relationship sometimes works the other way around. Erica Nelson—outdoor educator, diversity consultant, and host of the Awkward Angler Podcast—has been helping her dad, John, get back into the sport recently. Ever since Erica was little, John has been able to slip away to wet a line just every other year or so. As they’ve started fishing together more over the last couple of years, John has leaned on Erica for instruction. Whether offering angling tips or lessons on how to protect fish species, Erica loves sharing her passion for the sport with her dad.

Orvis instructors watch students cast along the riverside.

Virtual Fly Fishing 101

Entirely free and completely virtual, our Fly Fishing 101 classes are a great way for Dad to get started in the sport and learn about choosing a rod outfit, rigging, casting, and fly selection.