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Long Outfitting has been Livingston, Montana's Orvis-Endorsed operation since 1997. Our small group of experienced guides can accompany you on some of the most diverse trout fishing opportunities on the face of the planet—right from downtown Livingston. We have taken great pride over the years for exceeding client expectations and going the extra mile to make sure your trip is more than satisfactory. Long Outfitting is a three-time guide service of the year award winner thanks to our great clients and guides. We welcome beginner to expert fishermen.

Date Range

Since Livingston is home to world-class spring creeks with consistent flow and temperature, we are able to offer trips all year long. However, most of our trips are booked between March and November, when weather patterns can be a little more predictable. Don't be afraid though to call us about fishing options during your family ski vacation to Big Sky, Moonlight Basin, or Bridger Bowl.

What is Provided to Customer

Long Outfitting provides informational services in regards to initial planning of your trip including transportation, lodging, and other non-fishing related activities. Once that is all finished and you arrive for your day or days of fishing with us, most fishing-related equipment and tackle is provided if needed.
Transportation, guides, lunches (on full-day trips), non alcoholic beverages and terminal tackle such as tippet, split shot, floatant, etc. are also provided.
What clients are in charge of are fishing licenses, private land access fees (if applicable), and flies.

Region/Terrain Where You Fish

Floating the Yellowstone, Madison, or Missouri, sneaking around many of the world-famous spring creeks, or exploring one of the dozens of streams and lakes are all options within a short drive of Livingston, Montana. We offer a small town atmosphere, but the trout fishing opportunities are big. Float fishing the upper 150 miles of the Yellowstone River is often a favorite of the clients, but wade fishing opportunities are just as numerous and enjoyable.

Typical Weather by Season

Much of Montana is semi-arid desert, with average precipitation around Livingston averaging only 12-14 inches a year. That being said, we have seen snow 12 months a year and 100 degree days for a week straight. Please look at weather forecasts as your trip nears. One rule of thumb is to always carry a rain coat and one extra layer every day just in case the weather changes. Normal summer time temps range from highs in the 70s and 80s to lows in the 40s and 50s.
The average elevation we fish in varies from 4,500 feet in the valley floor to 8,000 feet in the high country of Yellowstone Park. Let us know if higher elevations may affect your comfort so we can plan ahead.


Sample of Typical Itinerary

With Long Outfitting’s clients there is no such thing as a typical trip. Anglers have preferences on the type of water they like and on how they go about fishing it.

Single-day trips leave town around 8 am and return between 5:30 or 6 pm. When clients book multi-day trips, we often intersperse float and wade trips throughout the week to stagger fishing styles and water types. That being said, for those less stable on their feet, a float trip down a river or drift boating on a private lake is often the safest alternative. If you prefer wade fishing for selective and spooky trout, your trip for 5 days could include 1 day of fishing on each local private spring creek. It is easy to see that we have no “typical” trips.


Species You Fish for by Season

Many of our local drainages allow you the chance to catch Yellowstone cutthroat, rainbow, brown, and brook trout.

Some waters have only one species in them while others give you the chance for a grand slam on the same stream on the same day.

Let us know when booking your trip if have a preference to certain trout species and if the fishing conditions allow, we will try to catch the species you are looking for.

Water temperatures, stream flows, air temperatures, time of the day, insect hatches, time of the year, and an angler's skill have a lot to with how the fishing is on any given day.


What Should Customers Bring?

We always urge clients to bring their own gear, but traveling now often limits the amount of gear you can bring. A 4- to 6-weight rod outfit in an 8.5- to 10-foot length is most useful on most of our local waters. Waders are usually not required during the middle of summer unless you are spring creek fishing. During spring and fall fishing, waders are almost always required do to cooler air and water temperatures

What flies to bring is always a gamble. If clients have flies we always try to use then, but quite often hatches change on a weekly basis. The guides carry thousands of flies with them and if you lose them, or get them chewed up by fish, you get charged for them.

If you do not have your own equipment, Long Outfitting has equipment for clients to use, often at no charge. Flies lost or chewed up during a guide trip are charged to the client at retail price.

Also bring: fishing gear (rod, reel, waders and wading shoes and sandals, net, leaders, tippet, floatant, split shot, pliers, nippers, etc.), sunscreen, bug spray, camera, lightweight long-sleeved shirt and long pants, sun gloves, brimmed hat, and a willingness to learn and enjoy your surroundings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best time of the year to fish in Montana?
A. Any time you can come. Fisheries change with the seasons, so if a client comes to fish multiple years, we will often have them come out different months to experience different fisheries, hatches, water conditions and weather.

Q. What is the closest airport?
A. Northwest, United, Delta, Alaskan Air, and Allegiant all fly into Bozeman, Montana, which is about 45 minutes from Livingston.

Q. What is an appropriate tip for our guide?
A. In all honesty, guide tips vary a lot. Normally on full-day trips, if all goes well, $40 to $100 is fine. Pay attention to how hard your guide works and make a decision on that and not how many fish you catch. It is all about having a well-rounded experience.

Q. Where should I stay, and are there non-fishing activities to do?
A. We will help you with all aspects of trip planning—from lodging, horseback riding, rafting, hiking, and mountain biking to visiting museums and art galleries.

Q. Does Long Outfitting offer guide services to beginners and younger children?
A. Believe it or not, probably one-third of our clients have very little fly-fishing experience. Spending a day on the water with a patient guide can quickly help you gain many of the skills involved with being able to fish on your own. Children are welcome, but often times are not ready to spend a full day on the water. You might want to start with a partial day trip in the 5-hour range.


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