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Explore our men’s shirts and discover superior-quality options, in relaxed or refined styles. An Oxford button-down shirt elevates any pair of jeans, a rugged, reliable work shirt dresses them down. With a men’s twill shirt layered underneath, a favorite sweater goes from plain to polished. Our designers have formulated Orvis men’s shirts to keep you comfortable in any climate, any time of the year. Our short-sleeved shirts are engineered specifically to keep you cool. And we use the same specialized fabrics in our long-sleeved shirts, so you can sport a full-length look without breaking a sweat. If you travel often, or you lack the time or patience to iron, we hear you: You’ll love our full line of wrinkle-free shirts for men, that start crisp off the hanger (or out of the suitcase) and continue to shed wrinkles all day.