Thanks to Mom

Ashley Smith’s Gift Guide for the Mom Who’s Got Grit

Ashley Smith in the woods for a walk

She is always working, creating, exploring, doing, and she gives everything her all. You admire her tenacity and her fearless spirit.

The mom who is always doing—working, creating, exploring. She’s shown you what it means to give something your all and never shy away from new experiences. She taught you the value of hard work, and the importance of prioritizing time for play. Her hobbies aren’t pastimes but hardcore passions, and she doesn’t waste time with anything that doesn’t inspire her. When shopping for a mom with high standards for quality and a deep appreciation for problem-solving performance pieces, shop with purpose.


Mother of two children under two, Ashely Smith is intentional when it comes to carving out time for the outdoors. As a tax and estate planning attorney in Atlanta, an activist, and the co-founder of the Minority Outdoor Alliance, Ashley gives everything her all—including providing opportunities for her children to unplug, recharge, and feel free in nature. 

two men at a shooting stand on a clear blue day

Orvis One-Day Wingshooting School at Pursell Farms

An experience always makes the best gift, and this one is a guaranteed game changer. Hone her skills with our trained instructors in an unforgettable setting.