Join us in search of the Golden Dorado in the Bolivian Jungle

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Orvis Week with Angling Frontiers

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September 10-17, 2022
September 9-16, 2023

Length of Trip:

8 total days, 7 days of guided fishing


$6,250 per angler for package price + Indigenous fee $600 per angler


  • Embark on an epic fly-fishing adventure in the Bolivian Jungle!
  • Join Angling Frontiers in one of the most remote and uncharted waters in the world, nestled in the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains
  • Fish for golden dorado, silver dorado, yatorana, pacu and surubí catfish
  • Camps are settled in an eco-friendly manner to protect the integrity of these pristine places and create minimal impact
  • This trip is limited to 4-7 anglers

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The Story

Come travel with us to Bolivia and experience unforgettable fly fishing during Orvis Week with Angling Frontiers. Journey deep into the Bolivian jungle to visit one of the best golden dorado fisheries on the planet. Eight total days, seven fishing days. Travel far up the Bolivian jungle waters with expert guides to explore the most pristine reaches of the river system. This is the epitome of adventure angling and not for the faint of heart. Fly camps are used to keep you on the move in these remote areas; large dome tents, cots, mesh dining tent, bathroom tent/outhouse-style toilet, solar bag showers, generator. Our chef will prepare a mix of local and international foods, a big breakfast and dinner, as well as a packable lunch for us to enjoy on the go. Only 4–7 anglers fish per week, with a limited number of anglers per season to better manage fishing pressure. The professional guides and Tsimané guides will be making sure guests have all they need to have a safe and memorable day of fishing. This is not just a fishing trip; it is a jungle adventure. This exclusive fishery is nothing short of spectacular. Climb into one of our dugout canoes and prepare yourself for an angling adventure like no other.


Expedition fly camps are made on the spot but are well-equipped and comfortable. Our staff is experienced in setting these up quickly and efficiently. These camps are needed during extensive explorations that take us far away from our main camp, so that we do not have a need to return to camp. They offer solar shower bags and outhouse-style toilets. These fly camps not only allow us to fish more remote waters, but also experience more of the wilderness.

Domed Tents:

Expedition camps will use extra-large rectangular domed tents. Each guest will enjoy the comfort of their own where campsites allow. Sometimes campsite conditions are limited in space, so we pair up two people per tent, but still are comfortable, and each angler has more than enough living space to organize their belongings.

Sleeping Accommodations:

Extra-large cots and a tent light will be provided to guests. Each tent will have enough walking space and storage such that you will be able to accommodate your personal belongings easily and efficiently. Guests must bring their own sleeping bag and pillow.


The camps will have outhouse-style bathrooms with actual toilet seats built inside a small tent enclosure and are maintained to keep clean facilities for guest use. Toilets are set up to be used in classic outhouse fashion, pouring sand/ash into the pit after each use.


Showers will be built using solar heating bags in a shower house setup. Plastic tarps will be used to give guests the proper privacy at any time of day, and to protect from insects. Each guest will have to bring their own toiletries.

Dining Area:

A large no-see-um meshed screen house is used for the dining and social area. Guests will be able to enjoy each meal and relax without insects, and still get to enjoy a cool breeze through the mesh. The screened area is large enough to be comfortable for all guests and still allows some moving space. There will be lights set up inside and outside to provide proper lighting. Also, a cooler with cold drinks, beer, bottled water, and liquor will be arranged every day.


You will be impressed by the caliber of meals you will feast upon in the middle of the jungle! Included in the expedition will be a professional chef and a sous chef, both from Argentina, trained in preparing pastas, meats, asados, empanadas, international gourmet, and local cuisine, among an eclectic variety of other dishes. The kitchen team makes their own bread, salsa, preserved meats, jelly, tortillas, etc. And they make sure fresh protein and specialty ingredients get flown in every week to replenish stock, so guests have fresh ingredients.

Day 1:

Have breakfast and then transfer to a local charter flight for a 2.5 hour flight to the jungle airstrip. Arrive and begin your transfer to the main camp, which is approximately a two-hour ride on a motorized dugout canoe upriver. Once you arrive, you will get settled in your tents and geared up. Guests will enjoy lunch and an introductory briefing, then separate into two teams and fish around the home beats. You will return to camp before dark to pack for an expedition further up the river the next day. The night will conclude with a welcome dinner followed by rest.

Day 2:

After breakfast, anglers will finish packing and leave their gear in front of their tents. The entire expedition team will load cargo on the fleet of dugout canoes and make sure all the necessary supplies are properly packed. The expedition team will begin their river ascent deep into the uppermost headwaters of the river system. Guides and guests will take turns (leap frog fishing) on their way up, stopping to fish at choice spots to maximize fishing and efficient use of daylight. The group will traverse various pools, rocky and woody structures, runs/riffles, back-eddies and more, while navigating the river. While the team negotiates obstacles and takes care of pushing the expedition fleet upriver, the professional guides will take care of guests, putting them on different fishing scenarios hunting down dorado and other species along the way. Midday, guests and guides will enjoy a packed lunch on-the-go to take advantage of daylight. The expedition team will eventually arrive at a selected campsite, unload cargo, and set up camp, while guests continue fishing upriver. Anglers will arrive to a complete camp set up for them to have a bath and enjoy dinner and much needed rest.

Day 3:

Anglers will enjoy an early breakfast and then pack up their gear and load into canoes. Guides will go ahead first with guests, fishing their way upriver in “leap frog” fashion. The expedition team will lag behind, moving camp to the next campsite for the week. Guests will have a shore lunch on their way upriver to more fishing adventures. Guests and professional guides will continue fishing the rest of the afternoon, and then turn back in time to make it to the new campsite before dark. The day will conclude with dinner and rest.

Days 4 - 6:

After breakfast, anglers and guides will split into two teams and switch through beats every day or move all together ‘leap frogging’ their way, each taking turns beat by beat, day by day, working their way up the headwaters. There is enough water and enough fishing opportunities for each of the maximum of 4 anglers in this expedition to get at least 2-5 chances at a nice sized fish every day, and of course some days chances will be double that or more. Guides will decide when it is time to return to the final camp. The days will conclude with dinner and rest.

Day 7:

After an early breakfast, anglers will begin packing for the return to the main camp. Guides and anglers will make their way downriver on canoes. The team will stop at choice spots to fish and have a packed lunch on-the-go. Once arrived at the main camp in the early afternoon anglers will have time to fish the home beats. Guides will decide when it is time to return to main camp for dinner and rest.

Day 8:

Early breakfast and guests finish packing. Anglers and guides will begin fishing downriver to the jungle airstrip, fishing their way down choice spots. Packed lunch on-the-go. Then arrive late morning to the jungle airstrip for departure to Santa Cruz. Once in Santa Cruz, either a transfer directly to the International Airport or, you will be transferred to the hotel.

The Expedition:

Our expedition will give you a good taste of jungle fishing. The massive schools of Sabalo baitfish that travel up to the headwaters in order to breed are a reason for the healthy population of large species of predatory fish, specifically, the golden dorado. Some of these baitfishes can reach 4-7kgs and can be bitten in half by the trophy dorado. You can expect to cast at small and large water, blind and sight casting, and aside from dorado, also chase species like pacu, surubi catfish, yatorana and tabarana. The goal will always be to get you on fish as much as possible, regardless of the kind of day you are dealt. Our professional guides and our Tsimane guides will be on point, both making sure guests have all they need to have a safe and memorable day of fishing.

Signature Fish:

Salminus maxillosus or the golden dorado, from the Characidae family, are the number one predator in our waters. The golden dorado possess a bright golden coloration, accented by rows of tiny small back dots running along their powerful streamlined bodies. Their massive heads and matching jaws are equipped with rows of razor sharp pointy teeth. Golden dorado can reach upwards of 100cm (about 3.3 ft.) in length and weigh as much as 20.5kgs (45lbs), making it the worst nightmare of pretty much every single sabalo and small to medium fish or animal that happens to be in the water at the wrong place and time. This fish is a force to be reckoned with and is the single most important species in this river system. They attack flies with tremendous power and ferocity and break water violently thrashing in efforts to break off. The Golden dorado are considered guardians of the river according to the Indigenous Tsimane folklore, and for the first time in this river, sport fishing eco-tourism has allowed them to really show their worth.

Other species:

Silver dorado, yatorana, pacu, surubí catfish.

    What is Included?

  • One professional English-speaking fly-fishing guide for every two anglers
  • An entire expedition team comprised of more than a dozen local Tsimané guides, a half-dozen local guides, chef/chef helper, and 2-3 professional English-speaking fly-fishing guides - All camping gear is included except sleeping bag and travel pillow. We provide sleeping pads and cots for our spacious dome tents
  • Airport meet and greet by our Angling Frontiers representative, escort to hotel for check in
  • 2 nights (one night before your trip and one night when you return to Santa Cruz from the jungle) at the beautiful and luxurious 5- star Los Tajibos Hotel and Convention Center in Santa Cruz, with breakfast included
  • All local airport & hotel transportation
  • Round-trip private charter flights to jungle airstrip
  • Laundry at main camp
  • Chef and cooks preparing 3 meals/drinks a day in fishing areas. Soft drinks, and limited local beer and local liquor/wines included
  • Extra tackle and flies available for purchase at the main camp
  • Heavy spinning and bait-casting fishing equipment available for clients who wish to try their luck with giant catfish in the deep pools

  • What is Not Included?

  • Health Insurance: Insurance will be required in advance before beginning your adventure
  • Airfare and taxes to and from Viru Viru International Airport (VVI)
  • Extra hotel nights
  • Personal Tackle or Flies: Angling Frontiers will have additional tackle or flies for purchase if you exceed your own supply
  • Phone calls, Camp WiFi and items of personal nature
  • Out of Menu Items: Please remember to bring any imported or specialty alcoholic beverages/cigars/cigarettes for your personal use
  • Fishing licenses: Indigenous fee of $600 per angler
  • Gratuities for entire staff: The recommended tip for the staff is 15-20% of the trip cost, per client, to be given to the manager. The cumulative tips will later be appropriately distributed to the staff

How many people are on this trip?

7 maximum.

What skill level is suggested?

Intermediate to expert - (not advised for beginners)

How strenuous are the activities?

The type of terrain found in this region of the Bolivian Amazon is not easy to traverse. Most of the fishing is done by wading in the river, across slippery rocks and boulders, and often down steep banks or through fast-moving water. Sometimes a jungle hike will be necessary in order to cut through to some areas. The terrain itself, coupled with external factors (rain, beating sun, insects, cold south winds), can sometimes make this adventure quite challenging, mentally and physically. Our staff will be there at all times to help you through the physical part and will make sure to the best of our ability, that you will have a safe and successful expedition.

What other activities are available?

This is an anglers-only trip. There are no other activities available besides what has been listed.

What is the typical weather?

September is the hottest month. Cobija, on the Brazilian border in the far north of the country, is broadly representative of the weather in the rainforest. While it is still dry season, temperatures can rise to 93°F/34°C, making things feel hot, steamy, and sweaty at times. The rainy season is a way off yet, but you should be prepared for the odd shower or thunderstorm, with an average of seven rainy days in September. It's best to check the local weather forecast just prior to your trip for the most accurate weather conditions.

What gear do you recommend?

Packing for an adventure of this nature is not easy. It is very important to have everything you need and nothing you do not. Although guides will have some backups, they are also running trips in Jungle the entire season and fish are hard on gear. They don’t always have time to send for repairs when gear breaks. Some flies and tackle will be for sale at camp that have been specifically tied for trophy golden dorado. Guests are recommended to bring their own gear..

Reservations, Deposits & Payments

The deposit is 50% of the trip price unless stated differently in the itinerary. Deposits may be made by check or credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. The balance of the trip cost is due 90 days before departure, except where specified differently on individual itineraries. The balance will be charged automatically to the credit card used for the deposit, unless otherwise specified. Any changes made to the method of payment after the final balance has been collected are subject to processing fees.

A reservation form and release are required prior to departure.

All prices must be paid in U.S. dollars. Deposits are not transferable from one trip to another.

Prices quoted are based on foreign exchange values and tariffs currently in effect and prices are subject to change. Orvis Adventures reserves the right to adjust prices accordingly until the time of departure.

Planning information

When your reservation is confirmed, you will receive planning information to guide you through trip preparations. Details about arrival and departure, clothing and equipment, trip cancellation insurance, pre- and post- trip extensions, visas and documents and activities are included in the planning information.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Although cancellation fees may be higher for some trips, the following minimum cancellation fees will apply:

Days Prior to Trip Fee
+ 90 days $300 per person
89 days or less 100% of cost

For trips that include an Orvis gift card or Orvis merchandise, the retail value of the gift card or merchandise is non-refundable upon delivery. Cancellation fees cannot be waived for any reason, including health, business or personal emergencies, or weather.

We strongly urge you to purchase trip cancellation insurance.

No refunds will be made for unused portions of a trip, including late arrival or early departure. Guide fees and hotel costs are not refundable if unused as outlined in the itinerary. Orvis reserves the right to modify an itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control. In the unlikely event that Orvis must cancel a tour, all payments received to date will be refunded, which constitutes a full settlement.

Orvis is not responsible for expenses incurred in preparation of any canceled trip, including airline tickets and visas fees.

Cancellation Insurance

Your planning information includes information for travel insurance covering cancel for any reason, cancellation for medical reasons, trip delay, medical expenses, lost baggage and medical evacuation. We urge you to obtain this coverage.

Share policies

Trip prices are based on double occupancy. Single rooms & cabins are limited. If you request a single room, a single supplement will apply as noted in the itinerary. We will confirm the single room as early as possible, but in some cases it may not be earlier than 30 days prior to the trip. If you request a roommate, we can usually pair you with another guest of the same gender, and no single supplement will apply. If you request a roommate, and one is not available, we will only charge you the single supplement if required by the lodge or facility used in the trip.

Children under 18 must share a room with a parent or other family member. In some cases this may be waived.

Passports and documents

International trips require a passport. Check your passport early and make sure it has six months validity at the time of travel. A visa is needed in some countries and we will send you complete details and instructions.

Arrival and Departure

Group transfers from a central location such as an airport are described in the itinerary, and are included in the land cost.. Transfers are not included in the land cost if you arrive early or leave after the scheduled departure day.

Equipment & Clothing

You will receive a detailed list of appropriate gear with your trip planning information.

Airline reservations

The land cost of your trip does not include airfare.

Limitation of liability

This section defines Orvis Travel’s responsibility with regard to all travel arrangements made by Orvis Travel, including individual travel and pre- and post- trip extensions. Please read it carefully.

Upon sending your deposit to Orvis Travel, you acknowledge that you have read and understand all the terms and conditions outlined here, and agree to be bound by them.

All trips that involve outdoor sporting activities such as shooting or fishing, or travel through remote places by vehicle, boat, small plane or on foot, put you at risk for accidents and serious injuries in the normal course of the activity. That is the nature of travel to such destinations and you acknowledge that you accept these hazards as a condition of participation.

Orvis Travel, its Owners, Employees, Associates and Agents give notice that they act only as the agent for the owners, contractors and suppliers providing means of transportation and/or other services and assume no responsibility howsoever caused for injury, loss or damage to person or property in connection with any service resulting directly from: acts of God, detention, annoyance, delays, expenses arising from quarantine, strikes, thefts, pilferage, force majeure, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, civil disturbances, terrorism, government restrictions or regulations, and discrepancies or changes in transit or hotel services over which it has no control. Reasonable changes in the itinerary may be made where deemed advisable for the comfort and well-being of the passengers.

Baggage and personal effects, including items purchased, guns, fishing equipment or sporting goods are the sole responsibility of the owners at all times and no employee/agent of Orvis Travel, its subsidiaries, affiliated or associated companies is authorized to accept these for storage, safekeeping, or transportation.

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