Cuga Dog Vest

Protect your companion from outdoor hazards with the rugged, adjustable CUGA dog vest.


A hunting dog's (or any dog in the outdoors) best friend. Doublelayered 1000 Denier breastplate, and 1000 Denier coverage around the dog's body, protects dog from briars, burrs, fencing, thorns, or barbed wire. Breathable. No buckles, snaps, or clasps. Secured with 2" hook and 4-6" loop depending on the size. A dog with a longer coat might need a larger size than their weight to fit properly. Can be worn tight or loose depending on the needs of the environment. The neck is designed to fit loosely around the dog allowing for scenting and retrieving with ease. Cordura. Washable. Made in USA.
  • A hunting dog's best friend
  • 1,000 dernier Cordura breastplate
  • Protects dog from briars, burrs, fencing, thorns
  • No buckles, snaps, or clasps


  • XS-S fits most dogs 25-50 pounds
  • Medium: fits most dogs 50-70 pounds
  • Large: fits most dogs 70-85 pounds
  • XL-XXL: fits most dogs 85-100 pounds
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