Flying B Ranch, ID

Orvis-Endorsed Wingshooting Lodge in Kamiah, Idaho.

Flying B Ranch, ID


The Flying B Ranch has a wide variety of species to hunt, terrain to explore and hunting styles to accommodate. The ranch and lodge, all 5000 acres and 14,000 square feet of it, are located just outside the small town of Kamiah Idaho where we have been building a gundog program, refining our habitat and keeping a quality staff for over 25 years. Our guests tell us we have it about right, but we will continue to find places to improve along the path we have chosen.

Date Range

We are open year round with wingshooting available August 15th through April 15th. Our wild bird grouse season is August 30th to the end of December. Dog training is available year round with released birds and a dog training permit from our Fish & Game Dept. Turkey season follows the wingshooting season- opening April 15th and going to May 25th.

What is Provided to Customer

The ranch has everything you need to hunt if you do not already have it! What we can and do provide as part of your package; guns, shells, dogs, guides, custom hunting trucks, sporting clays, hat, shooting glasses and chaps. The pro shop can fill in any gear you may need from head to toe including guns.

Region/Terrain Where You Hunt

This part of north central Idaho is farm ground plateau at 3200 feet elevation with deep canyon cuts with elevations of 1100-1400 feet all surrounded by mountains with elevations up to 8000 feet. The Flying B Ranch consists of six miles of Lawyer Creek Canyon where we hunt Huns along the prairie farm ground, chukars along the rims that stair step to the valley floor, California quail in the brushy draws, ruffed grouse on the thick north facing woods, blue grouse in the mountains and pheasant seem to be everywhere. This diversity allows us to provide a hunt to suit any wingshooters abilities and desires. We routinely host the most physically fit adamant chukar hunters to those hunters who are confined to wheelchairs. We are able to find an experience to fulfill your dreams.

Typical Weather by Season

Our Pacific slope location gives us a far more temperate climate than our latitude would indicate. The high temperature during our coldest month is well above freezing and a jacket is nice at sunrise even during August. The fall weather starts in mid to late September and goes through Thanksgiving giving us great conditions for hunters, dogs and the birds. November and March are the two months with the most precipitation, but most of the time our fall to spring rains are not so hard you need to alter any hunting plans. The spring kicks in during mid February giving us an excellent spring preserve season.


Sample of Typical Itinerary

Your trip starts with one of our drivers meeting you at the Lewiston Airport baggage claim area; it is not a concern to find you as there is only one luggage carousel at the Lewiston Airport and our van will be parked only a couple hundred feet away! If your flight is arriving early enough, when you get to the lodge we can warm up with a round of sporting clays. The standard three day hunt schedule consists of breakfast at 7AM, morning hunt from 8-12, Lunch from 12-2PM, afternoon hunt from 2-5PM, appetizers at 6PM with dinner served at 7PM. If you have chosen a cast and blast trip with steelhead fishing as an activity for a day or one of mountain grouse pursuit, your lunch will be in the field for that off ranch day. If your arrival day is our Saturday hunt, you may be transferred to a local hotel for the first night after dinner and your room at the lodge would be ready for you by lunch of your first hunting day. There is a discount on this hunt arrival day for this reason.


On-site Activities

The Flying B Ranch is a full service company offering a wide range of activities including:

  • Big game hunting for mule and white tail deer, bear, cougar and elk
  • Fishing in our pond just below the lodge or on Lawyer Creek
  • Massage, sauna, Jacuzzi and spa treatment
  • Horse riding, jeep tours, Lewis and Clark historical tours, sporting clays, etc.

Off-site Activities

On nearby public land we hold a special use permit with both the Clearwater and Nezperce National Forests allowing us to offer many activities:

  • Big game hunting for deer, elk, cougar, bear, moose and wolves
  • Summer pack trips for fishing, photography and other summer fun
  • Steelhead and salmon fishing either as part of a cast and blast trip or as a stand alone activity
  • Jet boating, helicopter tours, Lewis and Clark history tours, etc.


Lodging, Meals, and Accommodations

The lodge combines western elegance; large trophy room, huge antique bar, fully stocked lounge, expansive views and outstanding meals with the comforts of home; relaxing hearth, staff available but not pestering, snacks always at hand and a good dog at your feet. There are 14 private single occupancy rooms in the lodge- each with satellite TV, both interior and exterior doors, queen size beds and telephone. The gun room has lockers, gun care supplies, first aid supplies and is accessible from both the outside and through the pro shop so you can pick up any last minute items you may need. It is a hard balance to maintain- great food with out being so fancy smancy you don’t even know what you are eating, staff that is friendly and available but that isn’t hovering and bugging you, facilities that are of the highest quality but not so imposing that you don’t feel at home and a whole package that meets the most discerning tastes without diverting from our western roots. It is a balance that we walk with ease.


Species You Hunt by Season

We have both wild and preserve wingshooting available on the ranch and wild birds available on nearby public land. The preserve season is August 15th through April 15th and includes pheasant, chukars, Hungarian partridge and California quail. The grouse are available only as wild birds and the season for these three- ruffed, blue and spruce – is August 30th through the month of December.


What Should Customers Bring?

While we can sell you a good pair of boots here from the Pro Shop, we would recommend bring a good quality, well broken in pair of boots to give you the best experience. For protection from thorns, thistles and rattle snakes during September, a pair of chaps or faced upland pants is a valuable piece of gear. Other than those two things, your normal upland kit will be fine. With the price of extra baggage the airlines charge, many people are shipping gear- including guns- out ahead of time to make certain it is here when they arrive and the cost is comparable to an extra baggage fee. If you can, bringing your dog will make your trip even better!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. With your long season, what is the best time to take a trip to the ranch and when is the bird hunting the best?
A. This question can be quite subjective given the wide range of expectations and desires of wingshooters. The mountain grouse hunting is better early in the season while the grass hoppers are still out and the main diet of the blue grouse. That time of year, early September is pretty warm for a pheasant hunt though. Our schedule is very full during October and November so if your trip is a corporate group of 15 people, February and March are going to work out better. A cast and blast where you want to spey cast for steelhead is not going to be best in early January but if you wanted to hunt cougar and birds, this could be the best time. We are diverse in season and scope of activities so depending on what you want to do anytime is the best time!


Flying B Ranch
Orvis-Endorsed Wingshooting Lodge
Jeremiah Syron
2900 Lawyer Creek Road
Kamiah, ID 83536
2014 Orvis-Endorsed Wingshooting Lodge of the Year

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