Kindling Splitter

This ingenious cast-iron kindling splitter makes child's play of safely creating firestarter.


A safe way to create your own kindling, this award-winning cast-iron splitter is easy to use, free of moving blades, and never requires your fingers to be near dangerous sharp objects. To use, simply place the kindling on top of the blade and strike on the opposite end with a mallet or another log. The top ring keeps the kindling from falling away while being split. Developed by a creative and ambitious 13-year-old girl in New Zealand, this tool will quickly become your favorite hearth accessory. In black. top ring. Designed to split kindling, not logs. Moisture and quality of wood may affect performance. Australia.
12" tall; 6½" dia.
  • Easy and safe way to create kindling
  • Durable cast iron for long-lasting quality
  • Top ring contains kindling
  • Hands and fingers are never near the sharp blade


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