Renzetti Apprentice Vise

Your hobby will soon become a passion with our handy rotary fly-tying vise. Made in USA.


A beginner's vise that will satisfy experienced tiers as well. The Apprentice Vise has a rotary tension screw, a hinged stem, and will hold hooks size 28 to 1/0. All anodized aluminum from 2024 aluminum with hardened steel jaws. Improvements include a rotating head, a hinged stem, and a more attractive silver satin finish rather than the tumbled finish of the old version. It is important to note that while the new Apprentice has a rotating head, it is not a true rotary vise like most of Renzetti's other vises. The rotating head allows tiers to turn a fly over without removing the hook from the jaws, giving them much greater versatility with this vise. Available in C-clamp only. C-clamp opening distance 2 7/16". Stem height 7½". Made in USA.


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