The White River Inn

Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge in Cotter Arkansas.


The White River Inn Fishing Lodge and Luxury B&B is a luxurious full service lodge style B&B. We cater to outdoor lovers and travelers who enjoy the amenities and service level one can only find in the finest of lodges. With only five suites and no immediate neighbors on our 31 acres, privacy is assured.

The White River Inn is a world class lodge for fly fishing enthusiasts, sporting fanatics, couples on a romantic holiday, vacations and travelers looking for a idyllic, quiet getaway.

Your hosts, Moose and Tina Watson welcome you to custom designed lodge built of coastal Western Red Cedar logs on a magnificent bluff 300 feet above the White River near Cotter, Arkansas.

Region/ Terrain Where you Fish:

The White River System in Arkansas is famous for the world record brown trout that inhabit its waters. The huge double-digit browns are seen and caught regularly enough to make the White River one of the country's most prolific trout fisheries and a fly-fishing destination hot spot.
However it is not only the size, but also the variety of trout species that lure anglers from around the world to our fertile waters. The White River is one of the few spots in the world where you “can stand in one spot” and catch the coveted grand slam! A brook, a rainbow, a brown, and a cutthroat can all be caught right here on the White River!

100 Miles of Fishing

Our fishery starts below Bull Shoals Dam and continues 100 miles or so downstream. The North Fork River injects freshly cooled and oxygenated water into the White about 35 or 40 miles downstream enabling trout to survive well below these great dams. The North Fork is a short but fertile four mile river that is a wonderful fishery as well. Our waters stay at a constant 52 degrees almost year-round due to river flows out of the power generating dams.

Our guides here at the White River Inn are familiar with the whole trout fishery but usually fish the first 65 miles or so, including the North Fork River. All of the guides here are experts in every aspect of fishing and customer service. Their sole purpose is to assure your safety and to make certain that your White River experience is everything you expect from a first class lodge anywhere in the world. Our guides are not competing fishermen but are here to assist you as much or as little as you need to have a great time on the river. From first time beginners to seasoned lifetime anglers, your enjoyment is our goal. We spare no effort to provide a safe, comfortable, and rewarding day on the river.

Typical Weather by Season:

Monthly Averages & Records – °F
Date Avg. Low Avg. High Record Low Record High Avg. Precipitation Avg. Snow
January 21° 48° -20°(1977) 76°(1982) 2.4" 3.8"
February 26° 53° -14°(1971) 83°(1982) 2.9" 3.4"
March 35° 63° 2°(1967) 92°(1967) 4.4" 2.2"
April 44° 73° 18°(1967) 95°(1967) 4.2" 0.2"
May 52° 80° 30°(1976) 94°(1977) 5.2" 0"
June 61° 87° 40°(1988) 102°(1988) 4.1" 0"
July 65° 92° 44°(1967) 110°(1967) 2.8" 0"
August 63° 91° 38°(1986) 110°(1984) 3.5" 0"
September 56° 83° 29°(1967) 102°(1980) 3.9" 0"
October 43° 74° 18°(1989) 95°(1989) 3.7" 0"
November 35° 62° 2°(1976) 85°(1989) 4.5" 0.9"
December 26° 51° -15°(1989) 78°(1970) 3.9" 2.8"


On-site Activities

Our guests enjoy the privacy of our secluded 31 acres and take advantage of the beautiful views from our deck. Many days of great fishing are closed out with complete relaxation from that position high above the river. We have a large hot tub for those cooler days in the fall and winter as well. There are a number of very comfortable places to relax inside the lodge with a comfortable seating and large TV’s to catch up on the news or your favorite team. We also have a custom made fly tying table that is fully stocked with all you might need to fool tomorrow’s fish.


Lodging Meals and Accommodations

Breakfast and Dinner are fully prepared and served at the Inn and lunch will be provided on the water. Depending on the season, lunch will be either cold or hot; depending on what would make for the best experience.


Species you Fish for by Season

Brown, Brook, Rainbow, and Cutthroat Trout


What is provided to Customer

Our all inclusive trips really are just that. All you have to do is come with the clothing you need for fishing. Your guide will have a full stock of Orvis fly rods and reels and the boat will be fully equipped with the flies, lines, leaders, and tippets you will need. With all of that said, please feel free to bring your favorite rod, if that is what you would like to do. The guides are more than happy to accommodate.

What Should Customers Bring?

Clothing for fishing, polarized sunglasses, waders if you have them, and sunscreen.


Fishing 365 Days a Year

Along with the excellent fishing for all four species of trout, you can literally fish 365 days a year as there are no closed seasons and no frozen or “blown out” rivers. As a tail water, the White River is truly a fly-fisherman’s dream with different types of water, from long deep pools to shallow, oxygen, and food rich riffles. The White River lends itself to nymph fishing all year long due to a year-round midge population, as well as millions of sowbugs and scuds. Throwing streamers is also effective as the White has a huge Sculpin population as well as numerous species of minnows and crawfish. From March through October there are certainly enough caddis and mayfly hatches to keep the dry fly purists very busy. To sum the White River up in two words — “Trout Smorgasbord” — comes to mind!


The White River Inn
Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge
924 Country Road 174
Cotter, AR 72626

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