Orvis Virginia Peanuts

Orivs Virginia Peanuts continue to be the best you can buy, and a customer favorite.


Hubs Virginia Peanuts were first brought to market in 1954 in Sedley, Virginia and the business is still family owned today. These traditional Virginia peanuts have been a gift of hospitality for years in the South. Still made, as always, from only the top one percent of the crop. Comes in a metal can with opener. 12-month shelf life. Refrigerate after opening. In salt, sweet heat. 20 ounces. Made in USA.
  • Authentic Virginia peanuts home cooked from the same recipe since 1954
  • Hubs carefully selects the best peanuts from the crop
  • A traditional southern gift anyone will enjoy
  • Available in sweet or savory flavors


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