Willowemoc All-Weather Woven Patio Furniture

Create a well-appointed outdoor dining space with our attractive wicker patio furniture.


Our outdoor wicker patio furniture collection includes a table for every type of entertaining. The dining table seats four comfortably and is an ideal setting for family get-togethers. Our bistro table is perfect for intimate meals on smaller balconies or porches. The combination of a low height and a round design makes the gathering table the one you and your guests will gravitate to for casual conversation. Outdoor patio furniture is crafted of durable all-weather resin wicker over a lightweight, high-strength aluminum frame to match our other Willowemoc pieces perfectly. Tables feature tempered glass tops. Cushions and pillows sold separately. Some assembly required for table.

  • Dining table 29½"H x 42½"D
  • Bistro table 29½"H x 30½"D
  • Gathering table 21½"H x 36"D

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    All-Weather Wicker Furniture

    Weather or not, leave this wicker furniture outside.

    Our outdoor patio furniture will stand the test of time.
    Willowemoc All-Weather Furniture

    Purportedly, the country’s first wicker furniture industry sprung from Massachusetts when a frugal Yankee merchant seized upon a way to re-use the rattan shipping containers he received from the Orient. In that spirit, wicker’s popularity today springs from several endearing qualities: It’s comfortable and it has a casual relaxed feel while preserving its traditional, slightly exotic flavor. But most importantly, it’s exceedingly practical. Willowemoc, Belmount, and Jamaica All Weather Wicker can be left outdoors where it won’t chip, fade, deteriorate or need to be repainted or stained. In your sunroom, on your porch, or in the backyard, this furniture will last and last – an appealing prospect to frugal New Englanders or anyone else, for that matter!

    Wicker dates back to the Egyptian Empire in 3000 BC and likely existed before that. The timeless, classic story of Moses relates that, when a baby, he glided down the Nile in a wicker basket. Wicker furniture, with its Middle- and Far-Eastern origins, has become quintessentially American: as American as summer evenings on the front porch and backyard barbecues. Americans began importing wicker furniture from the Orient in the mid 1800’s, but the real heyday for wicker came at the end of the century when the British Empire was at its zenith and things Oriental were all the rage.

    America began to manufacturer wicker furniture by hand from rattan and willow imported from China and Southeast Asia. Fashionable sun porches, solariums, and gardens were not complete without the delicate tracery of looped and coiled reeds amid airy ferns and plump cushions. From seaside cottages to lakeside bungalows, the images of casual elegance we associate with warm summer breezes and carefree days include the unmistakable beauty of white, hunter green or classic brown wicker.

    The durability of all-weather wicker furniture makes it a good investment

    Willowemoc, Belmount and Jamaica All-Weather Wicker are constructed of a lightweight, UV-protected polyresin fiber woven around an extraordinarily strong aluminum frame (Willowemoc, Belmount) or steel frame (Jamaica Wicker). Despite the decidedly man-made aspect to the fiber, the appearance and comfort of the pieces constructed from this remarkable fiber are as appealing today as rattan was to Americans in the Victorian era.

    Wherever you place it in your home, wicker evokes a time when leisure and family time were essential parts of a full life. Willowemoc, Belmount and Jamaica All-Weather Wicker furniture will last generations in you family’s backyard.

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